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Corner Campers COD Wii Podcast #28 is UP! Released "every" week....except the past five. -__-



Welcome to the Corner Campers, a podcast by Wii COD players FOR Wii COD players. Join us each week as we discuss many issues in the Wii community ranging from news to debates on controversial issues like the Classic Controller Pro. The whole point of this podcast is to encourage discussion among the community as well as bring the community together. 


Feel free to drop a post in our thread if you have any suggestions, complaints, or if you want to be a guest in a future episode. We hope you guys enjoy the show!


Wanna be a guest?: If you're interested in being a guest, just add either Nintendont124 or Semperfi550 on Skype and drop us a line. We allow anyone as long as you have an OK quality mic and aren't a squeaker.



Episode 28 8/2/12


*MP3 download in video description

Episode cast: Nintendon't, Semperfi, Padiego, Flippy


Subjects: New PDP Wii U mic, Wager matches back as party games in Black Ops 2, Debate on MW3's killstreak system vs. MW2/Black Ops system, then as usual we open up the listener comments.


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The Corner Campers Podcast is proudly produced by members of the COD Wii forum community:


Creator/ Editor: Nintendon't

Creator/Planner: Grombloodboy

YT Manager/Guest Handler: Semperfi550

Outro music: [ADHD] Flippy


Special Thanks:

Padiego, Penguin, Pauly01, Godsmack, SH*TBLOCK, revisawesome, Porkins, The Arab, Grom's Mom