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Elite is back up but they still havent fixed clan ops and clan challeges


What's going on here? can we get any real support for a service we paid for?  Elite has been down for almost 8 hrs now.  When it goes finally come back very little has changed.  No xp adj was given out and the clan ops medals and xp still hasn't been addressed.  The clan challenge "brazen" 9/6 to 9/7 awarded us a 3 tier badge because we had 22 of the 10 needed for the challenge.  Yet we only got 100xp and it use to say we had 4 of 10.  It now correctly says 22 of 10 and 300 xp but the 200 xp difference was never given out.


Secondly the Clan ops issue was never addressed at all.   We made it into the top 10% during the clan ops on 9/8  yet was only given a silver badge and 500xp.  This is still unchanged.


I have even pm beachhead with all the need info and replied to the thread he started a while back but nothing.  Whats going on?