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Can anybody help me learn how to play MW3?

Hey guys I'm new to COD and I've been trying to get into the game and start up a community channel for Call Of Duty players. The problem is I can't even submit my own videos, because i can never get good gameplays. If anybody could give me some feedback on my channel or let me know if I'm doing things well i would greatly appreciate it.


Here's my channel - Youtube.com/LotteryGaming


Thanks guys

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    channel looks ok m8 thing with youtube is its hard to brake with all the beast players gettin the quad moabs and stuff they should be a way to get spotted but most wont even look at u unless u got so many subbs but most would have started off small them self but i guess when they get big all they want is your subbs and likes and fav on every vid and u can ask them to look at your vid whatever but they dont but yha it is what it is