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Looking For XBOX Clan


Hey everyone. I am currently looking for a clan to join who is very active. By active I mean always in clan challenges and generally active. Help me out guys. Any questions, feel free to reply. Thanks



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    Hi. I am very active (100%) in Clan Operations and Challenges. I am looking active Elite Premium or Founder players like you. If you interested join my MW3 clan "JUST_PLAY", Level 10. My GamerTag is: TomassTheKiller. Send me a message if you interested.

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    Hey I am recruiting for a new clan that only has two members at the moment but planning to grow big, we will have youtube where you can upload your monatges and also we recomended if you had skype so we could add you onto the clan chat. There is also a GFX Studio where you can upload your speedarts and edittited montages etc. If you would like to join add - LukeWilbo if you're a player and want to join and add amylouisejones1998if you want to be a GFX Designer or Editor.

    Add v5Tempahh on XBL if you want a tryout

    Please comment below for more information

    We are active and always happy to help, we use the mic to keep in touch over games we play on:




    BO II

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    The 13th MEU is all about providing a great gaming atmosphere towards all types of gamers from all over the world. 360 is level 11 on elite, we got gold clan tags! w00t.


    We're a multi-platform clan recruiting for the PS3, 360 and PC. So you know you'll find members who fit your playstyle and preferences.


    Stop playing with random and uncoordinated teams. Register and apply today!



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    Welcome to Haze Black Ops 2 & Modern Warfare 3 XBOX 360 clan. We are a mature, friendly, team-oriented clan. We welcome both casual and competitive gamers to participate in competitive tournaments, gamebattles, scrimmages amongst each other as well as public lobbies. We have accomplished so much in just a few short days. We now have our new website here with a fully functional website design layout, member registration system, recruit application, forum and Call Of Duty: ELITE page in place. We are still in the early development stages but expect many more changes and improvements soon to come. We are designing a new banner graphic for our website, putting the finishing touches on our forum threads and more. We are now starting to accept new recruit applications. Thank you for considering us. If you are interested in joining, visit our newly developed website to apply.