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Looking For A Clan!

Any type of clan! I'm a quickscoper in progress so trick shot clans maybe not my best suit <-- Since that's obviously a big concern.

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    Oh, I'm also 8th prestige on MW3! So, that might be a benefit. But only 1st on MW2.

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      Welcome to Haze Black Ops 2 & Modern Warfare 3 XBOX 360 clan. We are a mature, friendly, team-oriented clan. We welcome both casual and competitive gamers to participate in competitive tournaments, gamebattles, scrimmages amongst each other as well as public lobbies. We have accomplished so much in just a few short days. We now have our new website here with a fully functional website design layout, member registration system, recruit application, forum and Call Of Duty: ELITE page in place. We are still in the early development stages but expect many more changes and improvements soon to come. We are designing a new banner graphic for our website, putting the finishing touches on our forum threads and more. We are now starting to accept new recruit applications. Thank you for considering us. If you are interested in joining, visit our newly developed website to apply.



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    (PS3) my clan is SHINU INU (Japanese for dead dogs) im trying to grow my clan, I have 2, but I need more!  If you join, we got three! Also I got very good people I play with for fun. my game of choice is Capture the Flag. Im ranked 1,350 or around there. I play with very good ranked people, just for fun. I want to grow my clan. YOU WILL learn to play better, from playing with us. If you got premium elite, the better. tourneys, maps, and for the next games after elite still continues with you. (very worth the 50$. though its new they will and are making it better.). You wanna have some fun, and be an original first of our clan? Apply to SHINU INU. You will be a high ranker if you join us. I personally play  CTF, SEARCH AND DESTROY(MY FAVORITE) AND THE USUAL TDM AND HEADQUARTERS Im an all around but CTF is my game! I can teach you very well the maps, where to control the spawns(not spawn trapping because thats against policy, but you keep your distance you will not be in wrong. Plus strategy tatics. JohnnaySan is my name Befriend me and youll have a very fun time regardless if you join or not. But joining SHINU INU would benifit us both. Bring a friend too. K/D is not looked at because of the past token glitch. Trust me I know a good player when I play. APPLY TODAY! (PS3)

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      Hey, you can join my xbox 360 clan if you want. We are all friendly and almost all know each other. We have 10-12 members currently (people wanting to join) and have an elite clan rank of 5. You do not have to be 18 + nor have a call of duty elite premium membership (although it is recommended). If you want to join our ranks contact me at fadegaminglive@gmail.com and i can send you our clan application form. I know that my clan leaders will be thrilled if you decide to join our clan, The Fade.

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    hey im in charge of a new clan ZeNZi Gaming im looking for feeders and competitive players. send me a msg on Xbox if your interested in playing with us and i can give you a tryout. we are putting together 2 teams at the moment a youtube team and a competitive team.  my gt is ZeNZi Gamble

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    Check out http://www.consolearmyhq.com/ Console ARMY and see what you think. great group of guys. So visit the link see what you think and sign up. Tell them CJ sent you.