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  • 10. Re: Do ya ever get sick of your clan?

    not being funny or anything but if your not going to help your clan why be in one ? there's nothing worse than clan members that don't take part but will take the emblems titles & xp the the members that do help earned for the clan.


    if you are in a clan you are part of a team,if your not going to play as a team why bother to be in the clan.

  • 11. Re: Do ya ever get sick of your clan?

    You take the game far too seriously


    Gaming is meant to be fun, I joined a clan at the end of blackops mainly to have a few people to play with rather than ransoms all the time, I guess I just got lucky.


    Gaming for us is about having a laugh taking the piss out of each other, and then winning. If it was just about clan xp, I wouldn't be playing.


    Prime example yesterday we were all too busy arguing about football (soccer) we lost a game of Dom to a bunch of randoms, and we all got a message from the other team.

    No one got upset we were all still having fun and a good argument

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    how is helping your clan taking the game too seriously ?


    if your not going to do the clan stuff why be in a clan ?


    you don't have to be in a clan to play with your mates.

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    Everyone helps the clan anyway, we have got players of all standard in our clan kd of .5 to 2.5.


    Total kills challenge the guy with .5 kd got 2000 kills perfect he had some time to play so he got kills, is he good at Td No ! Do I still invite to a game every time hell yes!!


    When the most important thing is getting XP its time to stop playing

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    Nice post rambone.


    As you know, im in a clan and i am the leader. there are 33 members, some of which are peoples extra accounts. there are probably 15 guys from the clan i could honestly say i regularly play with and i really enjoy the aspects of ranking up the clan and playing with the varying members. You get a sense of accomplishment when you reach a new milestone, attract new members or teach your opponents a good lesson lol.


    We play mainly TDM and im on 164 win streak at the mo or something like that. The clan challenges are fun, the operations not so much. the other night most bombs planted was the clan challenge. 6 of us rocked up on Sabotage, having never played it and absolutely decimated everybody. was great fun. Thats what being in a clan is all about to me.playing new game modes and having fun, NOT showcasing your fancy gold tags, titles emblems etc with the attitude that you are better than everyone else.


    My clan is extremely laid back, we have a great laugh and met online, thru gaming and thru the forums. I have a few real life buddies in their too. Funny thing is we've had a clan meet, and are doing it again in just over a weeks time. so these cyber buddies are turning into real life buddies too which is great.


    That in my opinion is how a clan should operate.


    To answer the OP question though, yeah i can get sick of it at times. im always the one who is contacted / spammed and its honestly hard work trying to balance enjoying the game, organising parties for people to play in, and keeping everybody relatively happy.


    at the end of the day, we are all here to enjoy the game right?

  • 15. Re: Do ya ever get sick of your clan?

    well said whytie84


    what the other guys posts say to me though is that they are unreliable,selfish & using.


    to be playing domination when your clan needs your help on tdm,says to me that your selfish.


    even that your clan has to have to ask you to help tells me that you are unreliable.


    and if you are not willing to help your clan when needed and play on your own all the time tells me that your using your clan for something ( could be emblems titles 2x xp) i don't know.


    i don't see why you would be in a clan if you are going to be like that.

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    i get what your saying, theres alot of kids (and adults) out their who simply want the clan for the status. I have played with rambone a bit, and can honestly say he's probably only joined the clan as he felt obliged to. If i had 5-6 or more guys i played with consistently and they had a clan, sure i'd join. Know what i mean? would be rude not to really.


    I also dont expect help on clan ops, we play to get a bronze. it lags too much to bother about imo. the clan challenges i encourage as you can generally do them on any game mode. (most knifes, pistol kills, specialist streaks awards etc etc). and the rewards are excellent.


    I wouldnt be too hard on people who dont participate in clan ops, its like camping, they paid for the game, let them play what they want the way they want. lol

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    it's just annoying when you have people in your clan that are always the same people that do the clan ops,while other people are just happy for them to do them and not help.


    when 4 members are trying their best to get the clan a gold and there's other people in your clan online playing on cod but don't want to help make up the numbers it's a bit out of order.


    you see what i'm saying we have like 4 members out of 23 that feel they have to be in every op or challenge or the clan will go nowhere,we don't want to have to do every op/challenge we want some time off to but we can't rely on the rest of the clan to do them we even have to tell the clan everyday what the challenge or ops are an the times.


    it would be nice if we could take turns because we are all in the same clan and all get the same rewards.


    just don't think it's fair that the same people carry the rest of the clan just because they can't be bothered to help every now an then.

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    1 guy in our clan, good old "paddystfc", he always without fail would play whatever game mode was required to get the 250xp as we made a decision a long time ago we werent going to get frustrated by playing the lagfest that is clan ops for 3hrs.


    As a result of this, I felt bad that he did all this with the rest of the members doing sweet f*ck all.  So, when i went down to england to meet them (i live in scotland), i took a trophy with me awarding paddy for his dedication to the clan ops. it was well smart and had a little engraving and everything. cost me £18. was worth every penny, he was well chuffed.


    I just did it for the banter obviously and i even did a short speech / presentation after a few beers lmao. people that work hard should be rewarded.

  • 19. Re: Do ya ever get sick of your clan?

    I think the game should be fun to play and you should enjoy playing it,   But as a Clan leader i know it can be very flustrating when you have members who will not help out in clan ops,  ....clan ops can leave some players caught between a rock and and hardspot, meaning they want you to play the ops , but it is a mode you hate, ......... I for one dont like core, but the enjoyment from the game comes mainly from the BS and the jokes our clan pops at each other.......so that takes up the slack for me......... I only ask my clan members to try and help out, if thay have other friends online that are not part of the clan and would rather play that mode with them, then that is fine,we do not play as a squad we all have different play types, from camping to running and gunning and everything inbetween,  ..... if you cant play in the ops, try to help out with the challenges, i tell this to every person who wants to join up front

    I only ask that you not be dead weight all the time, i look at our leaderboard for ops and challenges, everytime we are ready to hit a certian level IE: 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50 if someone has not did anything for the clan between those levels IE 15-20 , we then as a clan decide if we are going to kick them out........ I for one dont think it is fair for the players who want to level up as a clan unlock the emblems,titles and earn the double XP to have it awarded to people who will not help out at all.......But game enjoyment and friendships should always come first.....if being in a clan takes that out of the game remove yourself from it, and tell them why, if they are really friends they will understand, if they dont find some new ones

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