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Microphone Lag

Topic: Microphone Lag

When ever my friends and I or anyone we have ever played with on split screen has had audio lag.  So when they are on split screen when they talk you cant understand a single thing they say, I believe this is only a problem on PS3 because when they play split screen the 2nd controller is given a microphone icon, as apposed to Xbox where the 2nd controller isn't given the icon

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    Hello Code-man2016,


    Thank you for contacting us. I understand you're having microphone issues. What is the name and model number of the headset you are using? ^JJ

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    I have always had the same problem. It's not the mic, it's the game. I'm surprised not many people have complained about this, but we used a mic (6 year old Motorola H300) split screen on our system and our friends couldn't understand us, and when they played split screen (me just single) with a mic (1 year old Sony Playstation 3 Mic), the same thing happened. There are tons of problems with MW3 (spawning) and COD:ELITE, but Activision doesn't care, they choose to ignore them and erase comments like these. Every time we play like that, I just connect my mic to my phone and call my friend (yeah it sucks). Supposed to be some of the 'greatest games of all time' and they abandon them with all their flaws and move on to the next thing that will make them more money. That's why I didn't buy Black Ops 2. And the fact that Xbox gets everything exclusive is making me hate COD now too.