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what wrong with these clan emblems

can sombody please help me as i dont know whats going on with these clan emblems and titles.
My clan is level 7 (i know **** right(did it by myself tho so its all good)) and i should have the jet emblem and the first title unlocked,
But for some reason i dont.
If someone could comment and tell me why this is happening,I would really appriciate it.
PSN/SEN account is Silent_Samurai98.add if you want to join my clan(its for sniping,so dw).
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    You should have the lvl 5 title unlocked but you will have to go to Manage Clan and select it in order to use it.  It generally only unlocks in your personal titles section if you join a clan that already has it unlocked.  As far as the emblems go, you are in the same boat as pretty much every other clan out there.  You will have to fill out the missing emblem form each time that you reach a lvl where an emblem is supposed to unlock and wait however long it takes for them to unlock it for you.  It's frustrating but we all have to do it.

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    There's problems with clans getting their emblems. The only way to get them fast would be to leave the clan,then rejoin. But you being the only member of your clan,doing this is impossible. You need someone else you trust to be in your clan.Then make them leader,leave the clan,then reapply,and finally have that person give you your leadership role back.

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    best way you could do it is to make a 2nd account and pass the clan on then just pass it back to your main account once you have got the emblems.