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PxG is Recruiting(Open to All, Large, XBOX, Active Community)

Hello guys! Project Gaming "PxG" is a Xbox Live Gaming Community looking for members who want to be apart of a rapidly growing community! We have spots for ALL types of gamers from your Hardcore Gamers to your Weekend Warriors. We have inner community matches/scrims, GameBattles, competitive play, and Elite.


We have a Rank structure that can fit those members who want to make a mark in the community by entering the ranks and showing us what your made of!

Our Rank Structure Follows as Listed:

Field Marshal, General, Major General, Brigadier, Lieutenant Colonel, Captain, Lieutenant

, Sergeant, Cororal, Private, Recruit



If you are interested in joining PxG Please sign up on our websitehttp://projectgaminglive.com/forum.php?referrerid=447.  When your signing up, please place me as a referer, eRa Inferno so i can get you signed up as soon as possible.


We look forward to gaming with you! Please feel free to add me on Xbox live if you wanna game!


GT:eRa Inferno