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  • 40. Re: Lag switching and Aim-bot controller excuses.

    what i do is ever time i die i say camper it fun hear other team bleedthrough is best option mw3 put in game lol

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    Yes, there are alot of modded controllers out there. And thanks for the compliment. Walked out of that class with an A. Although the teacher said it was mainly due to the amount of effort put into it. LOL Talk about a slight slap in the face. That's why I gave credit to whomever is or has taken IT. Sh!ts rough.

  • 42. Re: Lag switching and Aim-bot controller excuses.

    Actually there is a lag switch, you have to be host for it, and it involves you're friendlist and spamming it (not going to say how for retards to abuse it), its lags everybody in the game, but please keep thinking you know everything <3

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    Really dude? Having your inbox filled to the max and having your buddies spam you afterwards to cause lag in game when you are the host is no way shape or form of lag switching. I said nothing about me knowing it all. But what I did say was that we tried numerous methods and came up with nothing. Please dude, next time you comment on an ongoing conversation, read alittle more then just the first post, "know it all". Good job on finding that on youtube though. O_o

    Why are people like you so dead set on keeping your lame azz excuses? You must suffer from "little penis syndrome". Thanks for your comments though. Next time I need advice from the peanut gallery, I'll PM you.

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    This will be my last comment on the matter


    1) You need to be host. I'm sure you know that but I'm just covering my bases here

    2) The game has to have a decent connection or you'll just be adding more lag to an already unstable lobby, which has been a major problem as of late
    3) Did you use a programmable one, it hooks up to you computer giving you many options and some even have monitoring software that allows you to analyze your connection for more accurate configuration
    4) Did you go into a private match. If everyone in your group went into private lobby you could guarantee that one of you would be host. Then you could know for sure if lag switching is possible or not.
    5) Also, IW has no way of deciphering lag switching from regular lag. This happens separately form the game. If IW put in a patch to boot lag switchers by booting those with high pings then how do you explain massive lag spikes and overall poor match making. No one gets booted yet it still happens. This argument is weak


    Again, I don't doubt that people cry wolf on the matter and I have no doubt that those who try and lag switch will get booted, but saying it's impossible to do is not true. I've been in a match when it's happened and if you were with me you wouldn't have a doubt. There's only been twice that I know it happened for sure. That's 2 out of 1500. And who's to say it hasn't been more. MW3 is just too terrible of a game to fully know

  • 45. Re: Lag switching and Aim-bot controller excuses.

    Erm ebay moded controllers lag switches... Does what it says on the tin..

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    Post it in here then. Keep in mind though that I'm not saying there's not any modded controllers out there. We all know there is. So just post what you find. Any lag switching will be in the pc games due to software and is an all out hack.

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    OK tell me HOW the code in he game can tell the difference between a bad connection and a NON-Host lag switcher. It can't. The Freeze other players way to use a lag switch requires you to be host and the solution is simply host migrate to a new host if the host's connection lags. BUT if the lag switch user is NOT host ad they hit the lag switch the host can no longer get packets that tell the host where he is so if he was stopped or moving right when he hit the lag switch then moves left the releases the lag switch the player will jump to the left like a Twilight Vampire. and of course all the bullets he fired while you thought he was moving right are hitting you but your bullets stopped hitting him because he moved but you still get hit markers but when the host gets the new packets you die. THIS IS REAL BUT it is also exactly what happens in normal lag as well as internet lag is nothing more then a delay in the connection the same as a NON-host lag switch. SO for the game to be patched to stop this everyone would have to have perfect connections 100% of the time or everyone would get booted if their internet sucked even just for one second.


    You can not prove anyone is non-host lag switching the only thing you can prove is they got a beneficial lag it could have been intentional but it also could have been just a coincidence that they where moving back and forth at the same time their connection to the host lagged.

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    All you've explained is "lag comp."

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    yep..lag comp, bad lag for everyone normally means someone accuses another of lag switching

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