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    warzh311ion wrote:

    The only times I get killed by them are:


    3: I am screwing around and t-bagging them or running around them in circles.


    Well worth taking a death for though.  Nothing is more fun then runnging and running around them until the expire.  #goodtimes

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    guy's don't feed the troll lol dude secound chance takes about as much skill as a knife does to slice cheese secounds chance is rubbish in blops 1 i did all the perks when i hit 15th but i hated doing 2nd chance im glad it aint in the game

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    lol exactly why talk about this? We all know why this perk is gone. There's no discussion here.

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    Are you kidding me? This had to be a troll. It just had to be.

    -I don't want to live on this planet anymore-


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    if u give second chance to people make sure they cant be revied and make it handguns only

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol4ll_8E4ig&list=UUIgFi0vVjY2C00Vb3UDPr6w&index=1 2&feature=plcp


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8ECaHdS1OY&list=UUIgFi0vVjY2C00Vb3UDPr6w&index=1 3&feature=plcp

    This guy in the video just isn’t that good….I never use single shot weapons in this game for that reason and if you keep shooting…they die plain and simple.

    Bottom line…people who complain about second chance need to get their skill level up and quit complaining.  Who cares if someone ended your streak it happens quit crying about it.  If you can’t put one more bullet into a person to kill them that is your fault not Treyarch


    Second Chance users never bother me.  I get killed by 1 out of every 50 SC users…..you want to know the secret???  KEEP SHOOTING!  HOW FREAKING HARD IS THAT!!!!!!  I am sick of all your cry babies ruining these games because you can’t get this kill or that kill or because someone killed you because they weren’t on the radar or because they killed you and you only needed to get one more kill for your chopper gunner.  I hate how they are catering to the whiny, ADD, no skill crowd who can’t adapt. So the devs nerf this and that so that scrubs can keep up with better players.


    The only real awnser is that the Run and Gun Cry Babies have taken over.  I would prefer a room full of campers over these guys.   They are dictating everything that gets in the game.  If they can not kill everyone with a smg run and gun then the devs messed up in making the game.  Totaly destroyed all objective based game play.  So when you complain about those pesky campers.  Just remember the Run and Gun Cry Babies are far worse than a pup tent camper ever was.



    Newsflash to the crybabies!!!


    There will always be someone better than you….and its ok..its just a game.  No matter what perks, killstreaks and weapons they nerf and remove or add. You will not be the uber leet player you wish you were.  You cry too much to be considered a decent player.  Rather than up your game, adapt and overcome,  you cry and complain.  You will always be a scrub and you will always find something to complain about….if you get killed BY ANYTHING you guys will complain…no game dev will ever be able to create a balanced game in your eyes because you are simply looking for a scapegoat for your lack of skill. 


    If something is so unbalanced then why aren’t you using it?  Oh that's right becasue if the same equip, perks, killstreaks are available to everyone then it actually is pretty balanced...you just can't admit that you are not as good as someone else.

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    " I hate how they are catering to the whiny, ADD, no skill crowd who can’t adapt."


    I just love irony.

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    its useless and anoying

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    Its a pain in everyone's a**

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    I hate last stand but I say leave it in there. Someone on my team might know how to use it and get more kills for the win. LEAVE PLAYSTYLES ALONE!! If you want to camp then camp, if you want to tube then tube, if you want to run and gun then do it!! For the love of God, quit crying about everything people!! The game would suck if we all played the same and used the same setups! It's an added challenge to kill someone using last stand so man up and get better!!

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