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I need a clan on PS3.. KDR is 1.55 and SPM 2.70 I'm premium!! Invite me!!   Gamer Tag: jackace12

Age: 17

PSN: jackace12

K/D: 1.55

W/L: 0.55%

Hours Played: 32days (I reset)

Score Per Minute: 270

Time Zone: EST (Canada)

Premium: Yes

Mic: Yes

Link to Elite Profile:https://elite.callofduty.com/career#/playercardmw3]


Hello I'm 17 years of age. I would like to join your clan because I am a good player and a team player ( I always use recon pro). I know many tactics for playing and clan ops. I can do a website for the clan if you go to www.NSCelite.enjin.com you will see many cool things, I made that website when I was with NSC, I am good with computers and websites as you can see. I would really like to join your clan as I think I will help the clan out a lot also I can make a clan page on Twiter and Facebook! Please accept me!!