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Info and Such I got from the trailer


Hey Guys its me Dylan again otherwise known as Mr.Cr33p3rKill3r here and I wanted to point out some stuff I found in the trailer, aswell as information we've gotten from articals and such.First off if you haven't seen the trailer i'll give the link, trust me it looks amazing, and im really excited.



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The Opening 10-12 Seconds Show the corn field, and the bus we saw in the Preview Video.

0:16 Their is a Box Spawn Spot here, as you can see the TeddyBear, and such.

0:16 If you look close under the street light beside the bus, under the light part there is a Zombie Window Spawn.

0:22 You See the Bus Stop one of our Locations on this map, aswell as the bus says "Out Of Bussiness"

0:29 The Zombies are in Straight Jackets, could their be a mental institute close by? Maybe Something Like Verruckt Used to be?

0:30 If you listen closely when Zombies Moan here, it sounded like their was a Hell Hound Close By? (Sounds like it imo)

0:34 Fire from the environment can catch Zombies on Fire.

0:34 Looks Like the XM8 in the mustached Character's Hand.

0:36 Shotgun looks Like a Olympia,and if you notice it had the PaP Skin/Camo.

0:39 Zombies Eyes are Blue, showing it takes after Moon.

0:40 The girl from the Poster, and she is wearing a flannel shirt, so she could be a farmer, or farmer's daughter? A Survivor along with the others.

0:40 after the girl if you pause when it switches to the zombies, it looks like their is a crawler/Legless Zombie.

0:46 The Bus Driver/Robot? Driving Style, is reckless if you could call it, by running over the zombies.

0:47 When the bus hits the zombies, there is a red glow/light given off.

0:49 The Diner we saw in the Behind the Sceen's video when they called it "the map"

0:54 The inside of the Diner.

0:58 To Me Looks Like the AK47? Not 100% Sure

1:00 There is a Car Door to the left, you'll see why I bring this up later on.

1:00 Can't remember the name of it, but the fully auto shotgun is in zombies.

1:02 Looks Like the Bus Could Possibly Stay at the area.

1:07 Again with what I said about the girl earlier, they are at a farm, could if be her family's farm?

1:10 Looks Like we still have power ups....MAX AMMOO!!!!

1:07 I've noticed their are many of these "Pick Up" Trucks/ Semi's around the map, that resembel the one from NukeTown.

1:18 Like said with the Car Door, Looks like you can use them as Riot Shields, and you can Place them down as moveable cover.

1:22 The Gun if you watch how it shoots, to me I think that could be a G3? After all this is happening in Modern Time.

1:23 if you freeze the frame, you can see down below to the right of the gun, is one of the area's from the leaked Zombie Pictures from yesterday.

1:24 for a Split Scond you see a Electrical Charge, could this be a new type of Zombie? A Boss Maybe

1:24 From the Sky you can tell it is dark, and their are multiple weather patterns going on at the same time.

1:28 Zombies Can get ontop of the Bus

1:30 You have to defend in the bus, as your moving from location to location.

1:34 You can get on top of the bus and shoot the zombies aswell.

1:35 Scar-H is in Zombies!

1:40 Your in a Town

1:41 Along with the Dinner, here is the bar you saw in the behind the sceen's trailer.

1:45 If the Zombies Catch on Fire from lava and such, does that mean you will go down or die if you try to walk on that giant lava pit?

1:45 When they said with the multiplayer engine they could have more Zombies, Look at all of them!!

1:55 You can see the gauge of what could be the "Tesla Gun" or the New Wonder Weapon.


Now the Following is from a artical from Charlie INTEL will link.http://www.charlieintel.com/2012/09/26/black-ops-2-zombies-world-premiere-traile r/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


There will be Three Main Game Modes in Zombies That have been given So Far(Their might be more that we dont know about yet)


Tranzit- Players are free to explore the big giant world in this mode. Player's Can Move by Foot or Bus.


Survival- This is the Classic Zombies Mode we've come to love since World at War.


Grief- Brand New Game Mode that can be played with up to 8 players, this adds the concept of Survival. There are Two Teams of Four Players dropped within the Tranzit World and fight again each other.


There will also be a Custom Gamemode's option in Zombies, Allowing the player to disable certain features and play how they choose to. Treyarch has also stated that with the Zombies being on the Multiplayer Engine New Features are to come. Including Stat Tracking, leaderboards, and skilled based match making. And the features will work with Elite 2.0


Now this next Artical is from Theverge.com http://www.theverge.com/gaming/2012/9/26/3410102/call-of-duty-black-ops-2-zombie s-trailer-first-details-tranzit-grief


It says that Black Ops 2 Zombies will boast New Playable Characters, New Zombies, and New Guns including future tech from the games 2025 setting. They Say Tranzit is Zombies new Story Based Mode set in a expansive world for players to explore it's "massive" Lamia Says.The Players means of transportation will be through the bus we have seen, taking players from map to map. Lamia says Tranzit mode will feature player-created items, "buildables" as weapons or as means of defense for the bus. In Tranzit, players will get to piece together the story from where it took of from Moon.


And with Grief it puts Humans Versus Humans Versus Zombies. The last team standing wins,players can't directly shoot members of the other team, but you can make it harder for them. Adding the mode is built on the foundation of "griefing" It will be playable in matches of two to eight players in various team-sizes. As in Survival, players will control teams comprised of agents from two United States Government agencies: The CIA, and CDC. The four playable character's seen in Tranzit appear to be unique to that game mode only.Treyarch says that it will add features from BLOPS 2 multiplayer. Including Skill based match making, and game customization. Which allows you to select a starting round, opt for headshots, and disable magic items(mystery box, perk a cola's, and the Pack A Punch) There is still more to be revealed about Black Ops 2, including New Details coming later this week.


So guys thats everything I got for ya, thank you so much if you read the entire thing, if there is any articals you read, or if you seen anything from the trailer I missed, Comment down below.


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