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LIzard and preorder dlc

Ok so there's new dlc comin' out that let's you play as the lizard. Cool right? Go around killin' people doin whatever the hell you wanna do. WRONG!!! It's just another stupid time trial like the rhino thing. I mean, come on! Just let us go around killing random people as the lizard!!! Since there's no unlimited crimes let us free roam as the lizard and kill normal people. Maybe you could even get the cops on you! But no another time trial that will just waste your money because you can't free roam as the lizard. And if it turns out you can free roam as the lizard then I'm sorry, but from what I understand it's a time trial. Also, WHERE'S THE LOVE FOR XBOX?!?!?!!?!?  Why can't you just release 'em both tomorrow?????? OK so maybe it turns out this lizad thing is slightly fun but it qill just where off and you'll get bored as hell. So maybe, just maybe the developers will ACTUALLY LISTEN TO US and make free roam for the lizard or better yet unlimited crimes for spidey himself!!!!!


        Thanks for reading this and if you feel my anger comment below.


P.S. If it's 30 seconds like rhino, oh man, be expecting to hear from me again

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    You obviously didnt try hard enough. There are several time settings for the e.g. rhino challenge.


    One of them is no time limit, so you end up running forever through Manhatten if you wish to do so...

    Entertaining for a bit but gets boring fast due to running constantly.

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    @TimFL274 - While it's great that you explained the time settings to another fan, insulting them wasn't necessary. Please treat your fellow forum members the way you'd like to be treated. :\


    @SPiderman- - The Xbox Love arrives! Please see this post on our blog.

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    Anyone tried the Lizard Rampage DLC already? I didnt but by looking at gameplay videos (video) I kind of expected more. Atleast a freeroam option (just like the Rhino DLC) so we can freeroam the city without a time limit. It does look interesting but IMHO if it's just gliding & stomping then it is really a pointless DLC that gets boring fast (all videos only show the gliding/stomping no real running/fighting or crawling/normal jumping). I thought it would be more like a freeroam challenge where you can fight Oscorp units or just do your thing.


    And any word on the "free DLC"? I remember an interview where they proudly said that they have a lot of DLC planned for free and some we might have to pay for (bigger ones). I take it the DLCs we might have to pay for are already out, where are the other free ones that were "promised"?

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      I know this is old and I take back me rant. But I just want to say I played the lizard dlc once and never came back to it. Also 99.9% sure there's no more content for this game.it was fun, for the first month or so but then you beat it and there was nothing to do. Hopefully the next spidey game improves on this one. I'm still hoping for a perfect Spider-Man game. The chance is still out there!