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    QS will never be removed from this game series. Becasue a very large portion of the gamers that buy the game like to do it or try it because of how YT made it popular to do. Plus all those QS montages give the game free advertising and draw players to the game trying to emulate what they saw sp they can be cool and liked too.


    So no matter what reasons a person likes it or does not like it, nor what evidence is given for or against it. It will not ever be completely removed from the CoD series ever. No company would ever remove a feature that generates revenue no matter how much the players cry about it. They would be foolish to ever do so since those players would just move to the game that let them play in that style. IW/Activision are companies first and foremost and out to make as much money as they can off or each game made and sold. And they are not foolish enough to remove a cash cow from the game just because some players do not like it.

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