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Who's Sick of being screwed by this whole Elite Bulls##t.


This pi5sed me off. Xbox has clan ops and lonewolf  PS3 Got nothing again ps3 left out. What the he11 is wrong with Elite. I guess our money isn't worth the same as xbox players.  Plus I doubt I will be buying this again. We never got started on the elite stuff till 4 1/2 months after the game was released and when it did come out everything worked 1/2 the time. I think we need to get a class action law suit started and get our money back. I bought 3 founder accounts and NEVER GOT MY MONEYS WORTH.

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    So, you got 9 months of DLC, tutorial videos on all maps and weapons, shows like Fight Night Seasons 1 - 3, and so on and so forth, along with 500 XP to donate to your clan. I'd say despite it's short comings, people got their money's worth out of it. It's just like anything else that involves programming and what not, there are set backs and problems, and it takes time to perfect them. You can test and test, but you never know how something will perform until it is on the market and being used. Sure, you might feel like you paid for a beta program, but you still got what you paid for. If you had spent $100 a piece for them, then I'd be right there with you, but it was $50 bucks. I mean, essentially, everything outside of the DLC was practically free to you. As long as DLC is attached to Elite, it will be worth the money.

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    what might be another lawsuit waiting to happen is having to buy elite again, even though i paid only a half year ago!?

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    i don't like it Honestly put i think battlefield 3 premiume is more better you only pay one time and then keep all your stuff. i mean yeh createing a clan is cool and all but its no gud reason to get it i can just make a clan for mw3 by makeing a free webpage so it wouldn't matter. i notice activision been milking the call of duty series long enough they might as well drop it and start a new military game series with out loseing and eraseing the system data they gathered they could just swap out story and whatever else to make a better game. thaqt doesn't suck in so called "elite"

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    Why did i buy ELITE??.........I bought it for the DLC, no other reason... do i have a clan?....yes......do we do Ops and Challenges? .........yes...........do i watch friday night fights?.......sometimes ......  did these things or features lure me into buying ELITE?........NO.....it was having the DLC paid for and ready to download when it became available.......

    will i buy elite again......if the DLC for BO2 is included i most probally will......but for that reason only........the rest of the stuff is ok but not worth paying for........

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    I would have to agree with Out, I only gave Elite a second look because of the year's worth of DLC that came with it.  So far I have heard no such promises made for BLOPS 2 so I assume the year of DLC that came with it was only because they knew their program wasn't finished so they felt they had to atleast give you something for your money.  Elite had a beta and now it has been live for almost a year and it still doesn't work correctly. Some of the main selling points, clan operations and clan challenges, were not made available until months after the release yet they were advertised like they would be a day one thing.  BeachHead pulled a fast one on everyone who bought Elite Premium. It's almost like they held a development meeting, brain stormed all the ideas and features they wanted in Elite then started selling the product so they could finance the creation of it. Elite 2.0 is about to release and Elite 1.0 still isn't fully functional... So from what I have seen so far with Elite 1.0, unless they include all BLOPS 2 DLC with the subscription, I don't know if I can justify paying for this service again.