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    I always prestiged. Once on COD4, 7th on Waw, 9th on MW2, 15th BO and 15th on MW3. I like the way this new system sounds. Level 1 to 55 or 65 or 70 or 50 or 80 was an individual journey that you could multiple times. There's no pro perks so you don't have to grind out those challenges. We don't know how exactly the gun chalenges will work so the lack of xp to earn isn't a valid argument.

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    Yup. Legit.

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    Darn, Bit boring seeing 2 old prestige emblems return rest look good though.

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    Been a while, but its nice to see some new info coming out. I'm sure they are sitting on the HC details, but I like how they cut out Sabotage, absolute garbage playlist thats always empty. I like the prestige setup, and I really like the emblems, they brought back my two favorite from BO, and actually gave us prestige emblems, unlike the jokes in MW3.


    I also like how there are dedicated servers for PC but no custom servers, that was a terrible idea that ruined BF3 and didn't even work for BO. Its impossible to find a good server, with good map rotation, and good playlist rotation. Just too much of a chore. I saw that joke petition and laughed, and was gonna say something but Foxhound got there first. So far I have no concerns about the game.

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    No I would like to be able to play the game strategically. 


    If I could unlock anything with my token at any level I would be absolutely fine with the system (weapon, perk,score streak, etc).


    Remember you now have the option to play ranked matches.  I don't want to enter ranked match making with out the ability to play the game in different ways using all the game has to offer. 


    The prestige system and ranked match making have competing interests.  The level progression and unlock system are the bridge between those two playlists.  Currently the prestige system penalizes players who want to play ranked match making.  Should I only play 10 games of ranked play per prestige when I am at level 55?  It seems kind of dumb that the systems don't interact well with one another. 


    I want to prestige I like the challenge but to do so I need to be very selective in when I play ranked matches if at all.  Would you really enter ranked matchmaking if you were a level 1-20?  How many unlocks before you would be comfortable playing a ranked match? 


    If you are a stealth player that likes to use ghost to flank the enemy team and the ghost perk does not unlock until level 43 are you going to play ranked match making at levels 1-43?.  You may be your teams best flanker but you cannot flank as effectively because you don't have the advantage of your key perk for 40 some levels.  


    Ranked match making worked in Halo 3 because everyone started the match with the same gear.  This is the only way to ensure that the better team wins.  The level progression system needs to support the ranked match making if it is going to be successful.

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    does previous games like mw2 black ops etc. give you an extra unlock token if you prestiged on the previous CoDs?

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    No. The Black Ops 2 token system is very different compared to the "Prestige tokens" in MW3.

    You earn one unlock token per level, giving you access to any one item in CaC. There are 55 levels in MP, which gives you tons of unlock possibilites.


    Since there are more than 55 pieces of equipment,  you will have to Prestige to unlock more and more items for your CaC.

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    But there are still Prestige Tokens that allow you to purchase more Custom Classes, bring equipment from one Prestige to the next. His question is a good one in that MW3 gave us Tokens for every game we prestiged in. Nobody knows if this game will do this or not yet.

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    If you read the info out there, everything will be unlocked in certain League Play matches (I think the 4 on 4, but don't quote me on that, I will try to find it).

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