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    slayer0fg0d wrote:


    one of them modded controlers does not show it in the vid like the cheater would be stupid enoughf to post a vid with his mod running get a brain..

    You get a brain, mate. You still believe he's running a mod, don't you? Well, sorry but there are no mods on the video and Wolf is not using a modded controller. He is just aiming like everyone should be and he is good at it.


    Just because you cannot aim like him doesn't mean he is using a mod.

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    you think what you want the nexis 3 is out there and they promoting it for muti player online use and there vids looks just like his  pulls up to aim the cross hairs stick to the person just like his vids all he has to do is pull the fire trigger.. cheaters get cought in the long run.. last post on this joke for a topic.maybe if they didnt use the same game engine as the last copple of games..

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    Thanks For everyones support and I will always keep my head up!


    So do you guys think people complain to much about overpowered guns, or which guns do you think are overpowered?


    I pretty much agree with Trialstardragon that there are no OP guns.


    I always like to tell people to use whatever gun that they like to use and have fun. I use all different type of guns because I think it makes you become a better overall gamer. My go to gun is the ACR.


    So my question for you is:


    Which guns do you think are OP or are there no OP guns in the game?

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    maybe i should pokey your mom a bit she would enjoy it..but just like this games she has to many buggs for me to mess with..

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    A mom joke. What are you 13?

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    If that is the best you have, then you truly are a marroon and a bafoon and a sad person. Those sort of jokes are as old as I am. So really trying to use something as ancient as that is just pathetic. I laughed when I saw that response. I am laughing now while I type this out.

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    I do think that some weapons are OP, and it is noticeable even when I play HC. THAT is the indicator of a weapon being OP or not, if you get Hit Markers as opposed to kills.


    Take the ACR for example. First off, it is the easiest gun to use in the game. There is virtually no kick, and it takes just a few bullets, even with a silencer, to get the kill. It is consistent as well. Take a gun like the SCAR or CM901. There are times where I will use the SCAR or CM901 and get hit markers, where the same shot with an ACR is always a kill. I am not imagining this, I have tested this theory on many occasions. The other guns are good as well, but the ACR is a guaranteed kill where the same shot with a different AR may just bring hit markers, and we all know that  is the difference between life and death in this game.


    The other is the Dual FMG 9's. Don't see these much in HC, but I don't know how anybody plays Core with those ridiculous weapons out there. Noticed it when playing Face Off, primarily. The fire rate and ammo capacity are unmatched. I would use an AR from close range and get enough hit markers to have to reload the weapon, and get mowed down within a few quick shots form the FMGs. Its not poor aim, either, so I don't want to hear that argument... when it happens numerous times in a match its the gun, not the user. I even hit a few players at close range with a .50 Caliber rifle only to get hit markers. They have always been a ridiculous feature in this game. Most of the Machine Pistols seem ridiculously unbalanced in this game, in fact.


    I have no issue with OP weapons if their ease of use is adjusted as well. The AK, for example, is a powerful weapon, but not that easy to use with the kick. The ACR is so easy to use, pretty much any player can pick it up and get kills with it. A CM901, however, has a slower fire rate and more kick. While it can take down players with a few shots, its harder to get those shots on target. THAT is the real issue. If you make a weapon more powerful, but always make it easy to use... you have a recipe for disaster like we have seen in MW3 with the ACR and MP7.


    There are definitely OP weapons in the game, while it doesn't do much to complain about it, there is always room for discussion on the topic. Go back to W@W... I don't think anyone can argue that the MP40 wasn't the God Gun in that game. The thing that excites me about BOII is that weapons are no longer tied to perks, each has its own attachments which effect the gun's stats. As a result, I think we will see better weapon tuning and balance. At least... that is my hope.

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    good game, cool vid. sooooo i dont understand why people deny the obvious. if you play the game alot and it seems you do (i know i do) you cant say that the mp7,pp90 and acr arent far superior than all the other guns. if that wasnt the case every lobby wouldnt have them, every other kill cam wouldnt be some dude beasting with one of the three. thats ALL you see. just like every one try to argue the famas wasnt the best gun in blops. as i always say i think people dont want to admit that for fear it would discredit them and their skill their precious kdr.


    i have some plenty a player go crazy with one of those three guns and do crappy with something else. all the people with like 20k kills with one of those guns and like 1 or 2k with another can tell you that those guns are the best. pp90 rf mp7 rf acr silencer, thats all i see and the eye test is all i need. no stats from where ever they come from needed. idc if the rof is this or that or it says ttk is that, i play the game and thata all the stats i need. before this supposed "buff" most of those guns were a rare sight, yet i loved them. now since they are so called better you see them alot more. double weapon xp for like a week or longer was it? still all i saw were those guns. iw is bribing you to use something else, and still linus wont let go.


    also i dont understand when people make observations they are labeled whiners, criers or complainers. i dont do either but i call it like i see it. the same dude going 30 - 4 when challenged to use another gun really cant. if its you and not the gun you should own with anything. i know people that can own with anything they pick up, thats a gamer. when its all the gun i dont respect that. anyone can pick those guns up and do good. denying the obvious isnt going to change it.


    if they werent as op as they are they wouldnt be in such heavy rotation, there would be way more variety. if you took those guns out of the game just for a day people wouldnt know what to do with themselves. i remember a thread where someone was asking what your top5 guns. a vast majority had all three in the top5 and the gap between the guns was something crazy. to each his own but i really dont want to hear how good you think you are when those are the only guns you use. ijs....have at it. btw i love the acr too but i had to put her away, she wasnt special anymore, love my g36c and cm901!

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    Thanks Nicedrewishfela and Ovadosa for your very detailed feedback.


    Nicedrewishfela I think the ACR is the best gun in the game and if everyone who used the ACR could get kills with it, everyone would have 2k/ds and getting moabs every single game or high killstreaks. The ACR has always been an effective gun in Modern Warfare and I think some complain about it being OP just because gamers use it so much. But you still have to have skill also to be good with ANY Gun.


    I don't think if a gun is easier to use that it equals the gun to be overpowered.


    The FMGs are easy to use and definitely OP, and I see gamers running around using it single not as a akimbo but like an actual gun which is soooo funny to me lol


    I already know BO2 will be a lot of fun and the complainers will be out on day one, so thats why I hope the majority give it a chance first.


    Ovadosa thanks for watching and I am happy you enjoyed my video. And Yes I have been playing MW3 since midnight release. And when it comes to SMGs you still have to know how to use them, yes many might use the p90, mp7, but some of them will go 21-30, 3-23. I play ground war a lot so those stats are not a lie. You still have to have skill using the best guns in the game.


    And I have been saying this for sometime, using different guns makes you a better overall gamer. I use every single gun there is and play with different ones. I have almost all Assault, SMGs guns gold.


    And during the double weapon xp, I was using the PM9 ranking it up as well as the shotguns, and got the CM901 Gold too. I use the G36c a lot and it looks good GOLD too lol.


    I think variety is awesome and is a lot of fun. But still we shouldnt complain about players who do use Acr, P90, MP7, Strikers, etc.


    Thanks for everyones feedback so far! I truly do appreciate it!

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    Thanks for the feedback? Are you thanking yourself? All this "good" feedback is from all your accounts. Good job talking to yourself.