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Does Killing People Help Your Team Yes or No?


Answer Yes or no please I need help on this discussion

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    I say no but as long as you don't mind losing and your team doesn't mind who cares.

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    If all you are doing is killing and not playing the Obj then no it does not help your team that much. A good team needs cappers and defenders, not just slayers. If more of the team is just slaying then going for the Obj then that is not really team play or a good team.

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      If you play solo most of the time like I do and I'm stuck on a terrible team, then yes, I post up like John in Rambo 4 and mow players down. That's just the way it happens SOMETIMES. If everybody just throws themselves at the objective it's pointless. I agree that you need a variety of play styles to be a good team but like I said above, I play solo and I don't have that kind of luxury.

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    In your case you're a scrub, so obviously it does matter because you lost in domination...I'm starting to see a pattern in your gaming style....




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    put it this way, in objective based games, id rather be on a team full of 9 cappers ( myself included), over any other sort of combo. I play for the win. Winning is something that carries over into the real world. I always try and win no matter what im doing. But there are some of you out there, whos KD means the world to them. I may not have (1.82), but i pride myself, on rarely ever seeing anyone enter a lobby with as many caps per game as me, with a higher kd.

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    You can beast both ways. You can go out and try to cap and mow down or stay behind, defend, and mow down. Do what works best for you.

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    Killers don't WIN objective games, Cappers do!


    Killing does help your team so long as you are controlling spawns and/or the objectives, but your team would rather see you getting stuck in there and playing the objective.

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    No it does not help. 


    I have a cousin I hate playing with because he does that style which is not suited for the objective game I play, domination.   He'll run through a flag and make me take it alone.  I'll be at 90% of taking it and get killed.  If he had only helped me take it..  He's then all happy at the end when we get decimated (and I win most of my games) that he got a nice k/d.  This is a guy that has played a lot of CoD too and thinks he's top stuff.    The biggest frusteration with all this is he causes chaos with spawns.  He's all over the place so he's flipping spawns all the time and you get shot in the back.  Makes harder to defend and play smart.


    For the people that says who cares and play to have fun.  I guess I don't get why these people don't go play team deathmatch if that's all they want to do is kill.  That's what TDM is for.

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    I would say killing/defending is more important than capping (anyone can cap) the hardest part is controlling the map and defending the flags. If you have a good team (3 peaople on each flag) you will spend most of your time killing/defending the flags.


    Most of the games i win i only cap once.

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    I may have been rough with how I replied on your video but it is the truth. A team made up of 6 slayers or even 4 will never win against a team of 4-6 cappers that care not about deaths or ksr but instead go for any obj left unguarded. Even two cappers can beat a team of 6 slayers if the slayer always try to stay in the same place killing the same 4 players rushing that zone over and over.


    In fact when in Dom and there is heavy action in one are of the map I always go to where it is quiet and steal a flag because everyone is watching the heavy action area too much in hopes of more kills for more ksr.


    In KC I may die 20 times and only killy 11, but yet my team will win because I grab every tag I can, both red and gold, near and far if I can.


    KSR are not the main reason to play the game, they are an enhancement to help you play the game and obj.


    Now if that was a TDM match your team would have won. But TDM tactics do not work well in Obj games and lead to a win very often.

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      I have to cordially disagree a little.


      I do believe your are correct in solo-play situations. But on a team; slaying, if done correctly can make an objective game easy work for the rest of your team.


      Let me eloborate...


      There is an undying phenomenon in COD...its called Revenge Kill. Patrol a small area, kill two enemies...at least one if not both, 85% of the time want a revenge kill. They'll keep coming back over and over and over. Provided there is an element of spawn control in an objective game and your patrolling an area and kill 4 enemies...they want revenge, they forget about the objective and want a piece of you...you just took 3 enemies OFF the objective and are focusing on you.


      I do this most of the time and my win/loss is 1.62. I'll admit, I fall into the revenge kill trap every now and then, but I have the ability to let it go and play on.


      Problem is, slaying is something everyone wants to do. Not everyone is mentally equipped for it. If you have a team, that team should have assignments. 1-2 slayers max with 4-5 cappers seems to work nicely.

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    For every person rushing around ignoring flags, it's one less defender.  The rusher also disrupts spawns as they cruise around the opposite team's area, and may well help the opposing team with spawns closer to B or causing a complete flip.


    If you thrive on chaos, play with a rusher...it's exciting/less dull as the spawns are unpredictable and the spawn flips keep everyone on their toes.  If you want to win, avoid those that avoid objectives.

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    It all depends on the situation in hand and on the quality of the slayer,the cappers in your side and the skill level of your opposition.Having a slayer in your side does help get much needed map control and can make a hard game easier but he has to have support from the rest of his teamates. So my answer would be a slayer in a balanced Team or Party is important to have and is valuable to have, but in a team of randoms when he has no support he is really wasted space in the one role and needs to play with balance and do all roles when out side of party play.My thoughts is all