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  • 30. Re: Stop Complaining About Overpowered Guns! - VIDEO

    Wolf is courteous enough to thank people who participates on his video posts. He's a nice guy and he doesn't use multiple accounts like you accuse him of.


    Think whatever you want. I know you're thinking I'm UntouchableWolf account #4. lol

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    Watched the vid.  Doesnt look like no mod to me.


    If you think UW is using a mod, you should see some of my videos.


    I accuse myself of cheating sometimes because I surprise even myself somtimes

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    I do not use a mod controller. I have just been a COD player for a very long time and know how to play the game. Not being arrogant or anything. I have just been playing this game for awhile now.


    And if you surprise yourself sometimes, that means you are getting better at the game lol.


    Skill > Luck.

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    agreed Wolf is a good guy, I play with him regularly and he's nothing but nice, plays the objective, and frequently has other friends playing with him that think highly of him.


    He also never loses his cool and is just an all around nice guy. I am a much smaller channel than him but he gives me feedback and interacts with me...and I didn't know him before I joined the forums.


    He could easily just ignore me considering only having 50 subs I can't really help him grow.  He has never asked me to run support or play a certain way to help him get gameplays like a lot of other Youtubers would. 


    Keep up the good work Wolf.


    Also, I agree about OP guns.  I think Machine pistols are kind of OP compared to pistols and especially the akimbo FMGs.  More people complain about ACR and MP7 but the FMGs are far worse. 


    To me, the P90 is better than the MP7, and the ACR is good but lacking in stopping power and fire rate, its just average in a lot of areas but people think its OP bc it has low recoil.  But to me you should use whatever gun you want, it's the devs job to balance the game, not the players through some sort of moral code.

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    I never really think a weapon is overpowered, more like overused.


    Now I will admit, the Akimbo FMG9s are EXTREMELY powerful, however, nobody would complain about it if they weren't heavily used.


    Same thing happened with Recon. At first, nobody used it, and it was just a forgotten perk. Once it became more popular, threads complaining about its usage popped up.


    As far as weapons go though, I'm not gonna call the supposed OP weapons "crutches," but I will say that people do find comfort zones, and it's natural that people will gravitate towards strongers weapons and settle into the comfort zone of using only those weapons. Then when someone who uses a variety comes across someone using these "OP" weapons, it seems "unfair" that someone with a stronger gun should beat them.


    Please feel free to comment on any of the bs I typed, I'm dozing off and I need a huge pot of coffee NOW. T_T

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    Thanks for your feedback Cylon and yep it's more about being overused than overpowered. Variety is always good and makes you a better gamer.

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    Thanks for the awesome feedback supervelous and I have always been myself and honest in these forums, whether someone has disagreed with me, put me down, and say something disrespectful. I become a Youtube Commentator because I truly want to help gamers get better as well as remind everyone to have fun.


    I just truly enjoy helping others out and I have always been like that.


    And just as we have been talking about it in this discussion, today when I was playing their was a guy running around with a FMG, using it as a gun.


    And I agree everyone should just use the gun they want to use and have fun with it. Thanks for responding Supervelous.

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    Plus it's always more fun.


    It's like when I switched out my P90 and replaced it with the MP5. I was like, "WDF, No more huge ammo mag XD"


    Just that adjustment process was hilarious and fun, and it helped me conserve ammo.

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    Yea its always more fun. Last night I was going around with my Pm-9 on the map underground and got 40 kills with it lol.


    The MP5 is definitely one of my guns too.

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    sorry, maybe what i said didnt make sense.


    I dont think you are using a mod at all.  Looks very much like me when I play.


    Like you say, it just comes with practice.