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    Sorry... I did not make my point clear on that one.


    I am not saying there are more or less campers in TDM vs any other game mode. 


    My point is: I will not play a game mode where you can (in theory) sit in a corner and win.


    In any objective game mode, you have to get off your ass to win:


    If you have the objective, you had to get off your ass to get it*

    If you do not have the objective, you have to get of your ass to get it.


    * of course, once you have it, yeah you can camp.  But again that is not the point I was making. The point I am making in in TDM, SnD (which is falls into this category because of no respawns) etc... is that a whole team CAN sit in a corner and win. Not all matches are like that, but they can be won like that in principal (the last time I played TDM continuously, I lost to a whole team of snipers... they were good no doubt, but we could not get near them because they were good. It was a boring frustrating match and I said f this... funny thing: they all had CAMP as their clan tag, but they really did camp).



    But this of course, is just my opinion which is no more wrong than anyone else's.

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    my bad

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    No#1 Rule when Im playing:Expect people to use the most OP guns,cheapest tactics and be sorest losers.

    Oh and if you buy this game to cower in corners:The game is playing you, not the other way round.

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    rlbl wrote:



    I understnd now what people are saying when the scream: "If you can't win, make friends and run with a clan".

    Yeah but having friends means you have to be ....nice ~shudder~ lol

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    I find this truly funny.  I have never met anyone who has changed their play style due to my comments.  My friends know that if I see them using dual-wield machine-guns I will call them a scrub.  Does this mean they will stop using them?  No.  Same thing for C4....However, I don't avoid using them because I find them cheap.  Initially I did use them and found it rather boring having  2 primaries.  Same thing for the reaper, it is too easy to get and makes the game less challenging. 


    Also, k/d doesn't mean anything in this game....People who are good and play Dom with their friends will generally have a very high k/d.  I enjoy playing by myself or with 1 other person which means I often lose games despite playing well.  Last week I was playing Dom and versed a group of 6 where each one had a k/d higher than 4.  They even sent me a msg telling me to look at their k/d (maybe they thought I would leave.)  Well first game they attempted to spawn trap us, but I kept breaking their blockade and to make a long story short we got killed and I went 2:1.  Next game they again couldn't spawn trap us and I was only 1:1, but they backed out because they couldn't spawn trap us...


    Are you saying that this is an acceptable playstyle?  To only stay in a game if you can spawn trap the other team?  Some play styles are naturally cheap, but I can understand them.  To camp in a laggy game is understandable, but to spawn trap is like shooting fish in a barrel.  In MW2 I played a few Demo games with a friend and his buddies.  I played 3 games and in each game I had a k/d over 10 and over 100 kills.  It is a playstyle that deserves to be criticised!

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    rlbl wrote:




    my bad

    Nah its my bad grammer my sentence structure sucks when i'm mid ramble I forget to switch out you for they.

    What I mean is  the collective you as in "you know who you are" But keep forgetting there's no tone of voice on the internet also that people can't see me wave my hand in a vauge general direction of the dreaded "you".

    So when I say "you lose points for the team" i'm saying you who use whatever leads to this. I think I focus to much on epople who play a certain way  reading it rather than take into account i'm responding to someones post.

    Plus me saying don't take it personal is kind of hard advice to follow when a post is filled with "you" instead of "they"

    I do try to mention a persons name if i'm talking about them directly but yeah I really need to work on how I post and reread a couple of times before I hit post/update.

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    I think we all need to reread our posts a few times before sending.


    Although I am a culprit sometimes (because on some maps I insisted on sniping), I would question anyone's motivation for camping in KC (well any game really) if them team is not winning by a gross margin.

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    Agreed... however camping does not mean you are sitting in a corner (anymore anyway)

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    how is losing fun? sure play the way you want, but if playing the way you want is causing you and your team to lose, how is that any fun? To many people, yourself probably  included care way to much about a KD, that has no meaning in the real world.