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    A gun is only as "overpowered" as the person using it.


    Any gun in the hand of a very good player can be deadly.


    The only thing I will complain about is sniper rifles.  I dont think every shot should be a one shot kill, particularly when quick scoping.  And also, I think something should counter steady aim.


    Too many times have I seen some players rapid fire quick scope and kill multiple enemies within a couple of seconds at close and long range.  In my opinion, people shouldnt be running round the map with a sniper rifle in their hand using it as if it is a shotgun.


    I have no problem with one shotting people with a sniper rifle if you have taken the time to aim at the enemy, but the way people use QS these days it may as well be a shotgun that can kill people at any range. In fact, why not put a bloody noob tube attachment on it as well while they're at it?

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    Thanks for your detailed response gras55hope3r. and I do make fun of snipers in some of my videos, even I have love for everyone lol.


    I have no problem with snipers playing how they want, but when I come back and flank them, get a high killstreak, or even a moab, and see them dashboard, this makes it so much fun.


    You see guys with the heartbeat sensor + the sniper, just last night I saw this. And then some snipers running around seatown trying to quick scope and they will go 5 - 23.


    It's all about having fun though, so if they are having fun thats all that matters. But winning against them and getting some extra payback when you go around and flank them is always nice!

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    With success comes hate lol the nerve of these dudes. Sme of them should like that sequel on the Dave Chappelle show, the one of the "Player Haters". Hate hate hate!!!!! Anyway good shitznit man I been trying to get a Moab with that CM901 but close as I get to 25 kills is 12 lol. I cannot stop being killed by my friends kill which we call today spawn kill lol. But good gameplay and I agree the akimbo weapons are OP as well as the Type 95. But the ACR and MP7 are balanced in my opinion, it seems as if the M4/Scar is more effective to me.

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    You can get your moab with the Cm901, just make sure to use extended mags + silencer. And thanks for your feedback,  it seems more and more gamers are using the FMGs, so just be extra aware of your surroundings. Good luck and remember B02 is just around the corner!

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    the pulling up is the ads, and the sticking to the player is aim assist aka sticky aim. It is not a mod.

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    You really are a tool and a fool if you think all these are his own accounts. IW would ban them if that were true because he would be breaking the CoC for spamming. So you really know nothing and just are a sad and mad player that he can do what he does with out cheating.


    You seriously need your head checked and to get a reality check on life. Maybe you should quit playing games like this if you cannot handle some players can play good and not cheat. Perhaps Viva Pinata is more your pace.

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    Do more research on those Auto Aim Controllers. They do not work on multiplayer but they do on Zombies, Spec Ops, and Single player story mode.

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    Let's see.... "And there are some gamers that complain so much, that they forget to have fun." Hmm. ever thought that they CAN'T have fun, due to people not using, but relying on guns such as the ACR and MP7. I know that some people use it to use it. A few friends of mine will pull it out as a counter and use it effectively. But when someone acts tough running around with it, and I pull out my ACR counter class and end up getting three reapers in one life, something's wrong. That's why I can't wait for Black Ops 2 when all of those horrid gun updates are gone and all the guns will reset. Hate to be ranting here, but it's just how I feel. Not saying Wolf is one of those people, just saying that the quote I highlighted is a little bit insulting to players who just can't have fun due to people using it to win at any cost.

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    Thanks for your input Sirus but i think you and you alone control how you feel, and being happy. That comes within. And this relates outside of gaming but in life too. I am not going to rage or break things because someone uses an ACR or MP7. I am going to have fun no matter what because thats what gaming is meant for, and I like said its all about having fun and if you are having fun it will help you become a better gamer too. I am looking forward to BO2 also.

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    Nice video.  I don't have a problem with any of the guns in the game.  Sure some of them are powerful and easy to use but a skilled player will be able to counter them pretty easily just by adjusting their own weapons and playstyle.  Sometimes I like to take the very "OP" gun that they are using and show them how it's done.  This game is about competition and if there were no challenges then it would be boring.  Thankfully, there are differences in guns and players to keep things interesting.