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Issue With Wave 4 Solved


There is an issue afffecting some, if not all users who are trying to select their Wave 4 preorder bonus. It is telling people that they have already selected ______ preorder bonus and they are ineligible for the preorder bonus they are selecting.  This has even happened with people choosing the playercard and it coming back with "You have already chosen the playercard and are ineligible for this reward."


What I believe has happened is that the website has automatically enlisted people who signed up for Wave 3 into the choice that they chose for Wave 3.  Let me explain.  My friend chose the Avatar Prop for Wave 3.  For Wave 4, the Playercard is in the place where the avatar prop was.  It says he is ineligible for the playercard even though he is selecting the playercard(above example).  Then there are others who chose the Headset sweepstakes for Wave 3(such as me).  The item that took over the headset selection's place is the Kawasaki sweepstakes.   When we try to choose something, it says we are already signed up for the Kawasaki sweepstakes, even though we did not choose it.


I hope you understand what I'm saying.  It automatically enlisted us into whatever took the spot of where our Wave 3 choice was.

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    yeah that happened to me. I picked the Treyarch studio contest for wave 3 and i guess it automatically chose me for the Land sea and whatever contest for wave 4. That's pretty messed up :/ i really wanted that playercard.

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    I see that a few different people have generated similar discussions about this error, myself included. I woke up and tried to get my playercard this morning and the same thing happened to. I contacted Gamestop customer service (1-800-883-8895) and explained what was happening on their pre-order wave bonus website. They claim that they are aware of the situation and are attempting to rectify it. They also said that (Wave 4 bonuses) just became available today and NO ONE's prize should be "automatically" selected for them

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    it worked for me fine guys so idk:\