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MW3 - Multiplayer no games??

Hi guys,

Been playing MW3 since the game came out, even purchased and been playing the downloadable content for months without any problems. Suddenly though (been about 4 or 5 days now) when I try and play online multiplayer I can't get into any games as the message on the screen says "no games found". This happens in all formats of the online games (TDM, FFA etc....)

I have tried all the usual suspect fixes like downloading the free terminal map, creating a new PSN account, restarting modem etc......but I still can't get into any games.

Really am at a loss now and would appreciate any tips or help to get me back into the online games.

The funny thing is, I can play online in MW2 and Black Ops but getting no joy at all with MW3.

Does NAT Type "Strict" have anything to do with it? Clutching at straws really as I have had months of online play with this setting.

Cheers in advance for any help guys.


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    Not sure about that one bud, have you tried contacting support??  Not that they'd offer much help...

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    Have you downloaded all the DLC (even the free ones). It seems that you have to have everything or you cannot play.


    Other suggestions:


    - If you are using a VPN, make sure you are not double tunneling (I did that by mistake the other day: I had a router and a computer on the network on the VPN and it messed me up)

    - Restarting your router (assuming you are using one) often cleans up issues. 


    all I can think of for now given my own experiences.

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      What a surprise, just switched on the game with fingers crossed that my problem was temporary and low and behold there was an update required to play the game. Problem has gone now and I have just played online with full signal strength etc...

      Weird that after I post a query on here, my problem is fixed within 48 hours.


      Anyway at least I'm back online now and can get back to some more late nights/early mornings haha.

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        I don't believe whats happening on MW3. No games found again and been like this for well over a week. Cant see any posts from anyone else having problems. Is it just my PS3? My other online games are working fine ****'n'dandy so why should there only be a problem with MW3. I can see other friends in lobbys or games but if I try and join them then a message pops up saying "unable to join game", I can also see stats etc......just can't play the multiplayer myself.


        Any suggestions would be appreciated as I f*****g give up now.


        Well p******d off.

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    Strict NAT will restrict your abilty to join matches, I think that's your issue


    This might help but you will need to read and understand it





    There are also other threads on the subject, I find enabling DMZ hosting resolves the issue for me , when I don't enable DMZ I cannot play with my Brother as I have a Strict NAT. 


    If there are terms you don't understand google can help


    Good Luck