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any servers/steamgroups where there is no cheating?

Me and a friend, two swedish noobs, are looking for a place to play this game against other people without these pathetic cheaters. specific servers/steamgroups/clans os something? We rather suck at this game than cheat. Is there such a place or did we vaste our money on this game?

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    The best advice is look through the server lists, and find a good dedicated server with pro-active admin.

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      There is not a single normal server that you can play on on any type of game. All fo them are Sniper only, crouch - prone - crouch - shoot or you are banned and stuff like that ... WTF? I just want to play a normal TDM or Sabotage or Free for all ... but there are non only the normal lobbys full of cheaters ...

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        My point exactly on the dedi's... dedicated servers are a bit more controlled than regular p2p matchmaking through IWnet... but you have your share of hacks there too, there are entire clans and servers infested with them too - or if you join a clan *with a password protected server, they CAN be guaranteed legit but doesn't mean they are, and you don't know if other clan members are hacks as well without trial and error...


        I have come across at least 20 clans compromised of a full group of 6 aimbot and wallhacks in group, not saying they all have servers and that is where your going to end up... but with what derp stated its a bit ridiculous... seriously? I have to crouch in order to take this headshot? I can't be prone laying hiding in the grass when my bouncing betty kills you 30 miles away? I can't use my RPG7 because I ran out of ammo due to my useless cat running across the keyboard and wasting an extra MP7 clip? That is the kind of crap you run into my friend on most dedi's just like in BLOPS a ton of HC CTF *tac crouch only* *NO AKIMBO/TUBING*... and the admin/software - which is technically considered hacking if the admin can tell and kick you because you were not prone when taking the shot... that's called a server admin using wallhacks... and myself... I'd rather be playing a normal match and if I can't hit **** because I suck with the MSR... and in last chance desperation bust out the akimbos when your 50ft away... I'm gonna do it anyhow to attempt to save my poor ass .70-.76 KDR LOL

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    u can forgett it, cod got the most cheaters and hack users!!!! that game is dead, and it will get on every cod that will release in the future!!!!! this stupid news like (we gonna bann ppl) bring nothing, we dont have a server list so we cant choose by own what server we will join. i have to say it, bann me if u like my nickname on steam is m4ndu, but u will never find help here!!!! they only want ur money!!!! after a short time and some ******* freakin stupid dlc they release an other cod.... and the best is, hacks are already finished BEFORE a new cod is released!!!! thats a fact and they can do nothing against it, cuz they dont wanna do anything, they got ur money and they know that we (the buyers) are so stupid to think ...aahhh on the next cod they will do all better, they must learn about the failures.... but thats a joke.... i have to say something, all the guys here how represent cod, are motherfuckers, they have deserve to die in hell, i hate them so much!!!! today it was my last day playing ******* "cheater warfare" i dont wana get a heartbeat cuz they do nothing... only money money money, that is what they want, nothing else.... with supporting u cant get money thats the way of life of cod... i swear, i have many MANY ppl in my steam freindlist how got cod mw3... all REALY ALL are deleting the game cuz they see...nothing happens against the cheaters.......... maybe they learn a little bit, but look on counter strike source, there are server lists and active admins!!! they are so many banns and in 1 week i maybe see 1 cheater, in cod i see every lobby a cheater.... 6 hours ago i played on a free for all server with 18 ppl oO .... its so sad... but see the truth... they...dont...do....anything....for...us!!!!! AND AGAIN....i give a **** of u all sitting in the cod money pod MY STEAM NAME IS m4ndu...BANN ME!!!! i give a **** u ******* bastards, motherfuckers and son of *******!!!! i think it goes so far, they are sad, that they dont come on that idea to sell multi hacks!!!! see the truth in the face... Call of Duty IS DEAD!!!! i hate u all from cod and i will never play cod in my life and i hope that so many player follow me in my opinion, cuz without u i have a better and relaxing live!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      und nochmal in deutsch, ihr mistgeburten von cod seit der allerletzte dreck den es in der geschichte der computer spiele entwicklung je gegeben hat, ihr seit geld geile hurensöhne und habt garnichts vor mit den cheatern, ihr wisst selber ganz genau das es ein aussichtsloser kampf ist, anstatt mal ne ordentliche serverliste mit ins game packen und den leuten der server die möglichkeit zu geben admin zu sein....schaut euch counter strike source an, die haben nicht dieses problem in dem ausmaße... echt ihr seit ein haufen zu bemittleidender geld geile hurenböcke, eure familien haben es verdient mit euch zusamm in der hölle zu schmoren für eure taten!!!! hauptsache mal eben paar abgefuckte dlc veröffentlichen und so tun als wäre man interessiert an der community, in wirklichkeit regt ihr euch doch darüber auf nicht selbst auf die idee gekommen zu sein, multihacks zu verkaufen. ich hasse euch abgrundtief und ihr seit einfach nur abschaum der lobby gesellschaft!!!! ich werde niewieder in meinem leben cod spielen, und da bin ich nicht der einzige der soetwas sagt, tausende habe sich schon vor mir für diesen weg entschieden und es werden immer mehr werden!!! dreckspack, dreckiges entwicklerteam, dreckiger support.... wozu gibt es die möglichkeit das ich ein match aufnehmen kann? wenn ich dann reporte das jmd gecheatet hat, warum dienen diese videos nicht als beweis? ah richtig, euch ist es egal!!!! einfach nur traurig was ihr der community alles zumutet.... ohne mist, ihr seit hurensöhne, absoluter abschaum und ich bete zu gott, das ihr alle auf jämmerlichster art und weise verrecken werdet!!!! und ja wenn ihr mit der "kritik" nicht klar kommt, hab ich kein problem mit, bannt mich ruhig, mein steam name is m4ndu und mit diesen spiele ich seit mw1, aber nu is der faden gerissen, ihr seit mistgeburten und meine gedult is am ende.... EGAL ZU WELCHER UHRZEIT es sind immer cheater auf den servern wallhack hier, aimbot da, godmode wieder hier..... MAN ICH HAB SCHON LEUTE GESEHN MIT AKIMBO SNIPER!!!! die haben durch die ganze map egal welche mauer hindurch geschossen und headshots verteilt (aber das sieht jeder nach maximal 2 runden cheater warfare3) .... auf diesem wege möchte ich euch mitteilen, wie einekleine stimme der community denkt es sich aber nicht traut aus zu sprechen, für  mich is call of duty gestorben, nicht nur weil es gestorben ist, sondern weil es keine seele mehr hat, es is einfach nur noch ein instrument der geld macherei, es geht um nichts anderes, nur geld geld geld.....MFG AN DEN HURSÖHNEN DER GESCHÄFFTSFÜHRUNG UND DEM ENTWICKLERTEAM SOWIE DEM PUBLISHER: FICKT EUCH IHR SEELEN LOSEN MUTTERFICKERN!!!!

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        you seem disturbed over a videogame... yes hacker infestation bothers many people, including myself... from the wise words of Candice @ IW, there IS a patch coming shortly that will deal with *MOST of the hackers BUT AGAIN *probably NOT ALL...


        IDK but I did read your other post, about how CS doesn't have that many hacks... have you played recently? Even TF2 is infested and that is ALL VAC secured/Steam Guard enabled servers mostly and they still bypass with cheats... BLOPS/MW/MW2 had them also, BF3 has them... there isn't a single game that doesn't have them... because you paid for this game and not bought BF3 yet... you just haven't seen them... and because you spent 20 hours here and NOT in another game is WHY you haven't seen them... just saying to be honest... no promises the patch will address every single issue we are having or ban ALL of the hacks out there... but it will correct *MOST of them...

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          You dont understand the subject, sure there are everywhere cheaters, but not that many, i had in mw 2 one cheater in 10 games, in Bf 3 Mostly  no cheats, In Scs 2 i had so many cheaters as in mw3 in one game and i play SC2 since beta;)

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          It would be nice to think they are just going to Patch the hackers out of the game, but this game is due to be replaced and when that happens this game will be dropped like a stone. and yes most games have cheaters in them, but not like this game and with the lobby system you have no control whoyou play against.

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          Yeah sure ... we are listening about that for over an year and nothing is done ... We were listening to that even for MW2 about two years ago and guess what ... nothing again ... now MW2 is empty no one is playing you have to wait about 30 mins to get into a lobby ... I have payed about 100 euro for those 2 game and the first one no one is playing, the second one is full of cheaters ... and they are doing something to get rid of the cheaters for over 2 years with no results ...

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    If you want to join legit clean clans then check the CNOP website, the site is full of certified non hacking/cheating clans that are vetted and required to go through rigorous testing before getting CNOP status.


    Check out the [C-F] Cheat Free Community on the site.


    CNOP = Central Outpost



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      I have seen clans that have the C-F tags and membership to their Steam group that are confirmed hacks... check all of the profiles I have posted in this thread and at least a couple have been in that group: http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200400023?tstart=0

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        badplumr: " from the wise words of Candice @ IW, there IS a patch coming shortly that will deal with *MOST of the hackers BUT AGAIN *probably NOT ALL..."


        and u believe in santa mhh? OMG 5 minutes after the new patch is online, i traped like everyday in a cheater lobby on the first try.... i know why the patchnotes say nothing in cod... cuz they dont wanna show u that they do nothing


        wake up... dont be fanboy.... see the truth in the face and u will see that u have buyed a game that are full of cheaters


        and i spend alot RLY a lot time in css (i play since the beta from half life 1!!!!!), bf series and more shooter games and no one is hacked like cod NO ONE!!!!


        if u rly want me to say that this kind of hackers ingame are everywhere than u are stupid and more!!!! sry but ur a blind fanboy, nothing else


        lets click on modern warfare 3 update news...to see what they do fur us.....


        Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 video shows eight minutes of multiplayer blasting

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          Straight from Candice, stickied on top of the forum... no they cannot guarantee it will stop ALL hackers, but the patch(es) are coming to stop the current batch of n00bs... as for others, you can send information to Steam as Candice said in that post, to IW Enforcers Twitter page https://twitter.com/IWEnforcers, email to report@infinityward.com - you can do your part to combat hackers too... also besides Steam reporting, start a ticket to Steam about the existence of MW3 hacking sites, even send the information to IW and they will attempt to do something about it... I'm not a fanboy, I have TF2 which I barely touch - infested with hacks... I have CS - infested with hacks - any Valve/Source Engine game is also VAC-bypassed with hackers, don't try and BS me... I have played BF3... same crap infested with hackers, they are everywhere.


          As you quoted CS doesn't have hackers, results from Google 'counterstrike hack': https://www.google.com/search?q=counterstrike+hack&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=or g.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=fflb


          So yep, they exist, as easily searchable as MW3 hacks... nothing you can do about it... and the reason there are less is because everyone has moved onto the latest and greatest game... so instead of playing CS they are here or in BF3 now... they've just stepped into uncharted territory for hacks, perfecting and adding new features into more 'current' detection schemes outlined by newer games and companies that all claim 'they are deploying new methods to combat hacker infestation.'

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        And also for members of IW Enforcers Steam group, the one that is supposed to be forwarding suspect players' information along and combat hackers... there are a few posted also that are members of that group claiming they are not using wallhack/aimbot, but are dead obvious hacks not using UAV, port radar, recon pro, etc. and following people with the mouse cursor through walls aiming for headshots.


        As for any Steam group, members can invite other members, which should be locked... so the legit members that IW specifically handpicked invited the rest of their clan members, which I will say NOT ALL are hackers, but a few bad seeds got in ruining the reputation of the group that was formed to stop hackers and not promote them.