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  • 70. Re: sniping overpowered!

    The ignorance is strong with you. Clearly, you've never sniped.

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    I don't mind getting QS'd if someone has the jump on me. I do mind it when I'm spraying them with a SMG from close range and they still get a OHK on me. Seems like the crosshair jumps from getting hit don't do much. It is quite fun to do to others though.

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    Snipers seem OP, but that's because they HAVE to be. Due to several factors, including; better at long range than short, slow reload/fire rate, and recoil, they have one shot. Regardless of semi-auto or single, because if they fail to kill you in that one shot, you usually (not counting dumb-luck of course) will locate and kill them. So with all these factors, they have to be able to compensate with their one-shot capabilities. I say them and they, but mean we and us, because I usually like to stick with strickly sniping (hardscoping).


    I do agree that QSing isn't sniping, because it defies the definition of sniping. It IS, however, theoretically realistic. You don't have to look down the sights of any weapon to shoot in a general direction and get lucky. Would I like to see QSing nerfed? Yes. I would also like to see the recoil in automatic rifles and pistols set higher to help compensate for the dps they cause. I would like to see better bullet penetration through thin materials. Many things about this game, and all the other games like this one, ar OP. It's the level of skill and the ability to adapt to the changes that everyone needs to worry about.

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    Awwww poor wittle camper thinks sniping is overpowered learn to adpat and stop crying you campers ruined this game enough as it is. Get good and stop complaining.

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    or you can use a sniper rifle as it was intended, douche bag!

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    Lol thing is anyone that is QSing is using the gun as intended . This is a close combat arcade game ! There is no realism at all . QS is in the game to give it balance as most engagements are at close range that's the way the maps are designed .

       If you can't deal with a guy with basically one bullet against a full automatic weapon then just give up !

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    The way "quickscopers" try to justify their trade never fails to amuse me.


    "Campers ruined the game" Yeah what is the Bi Pod for again?


    "Quickscoping adds balance" No it turns a long range gun into an all range gun.


    Hilarious boys, very good, carry on.

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    A rifle is an any range gun :/

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    smokesdope wrote:


    A rifle is an any range gun :/



    The main purpose of the sniper rifle is to destroy valuable targets at extended ranges with aimed fire,



    In military and law enforcement terminology, a sniper rifle is a precision-rifle used to ensure more accurate placement of bullets at longer ranges than other small arms.



    The .416 Barrett caliber brings new levels of precision shooting to the Model 82A1. With the enhanced accuracy and increased velocity of the .416 Barrett cartridge, this rifle offers incredible long-range precision.


    http://www.remingtonmilitary.com/Firearms/Sniper%20Rifles/OVERVIEW-SniperRifles. aspx

    OVERVIEW Remington is the world’s premier builder of accurate, dependable sniper rifles. With a legacy of long-range rifles dating back to the big-bore Rolling Blocks that commanded the wide open spaces of the wild American West, no one knows more about what it takes to build a long-range precision rifle than Remington.






    Oh really?


    Funny how nobody else including the manufacturors mention that Sniper Rifles are for "All Ranges". Maybe they aren't really an "All Range" gun after all.


    Feel free to link me to anywhere on the net that says different.

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    Lol thanks that's a bit overkill . But no in the real world it doesn't work like that yes they are manufactured for long range shots but you can still quite easily blow someone's head off 5 feet from you . Eg. Out hunting and you see a deer and its really close (it hasn't seen you) say 10 meters I don't say to myself no that's too close I can't take the shot ?? Of course I take the shot and have venison for dinner :)

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