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Help with configuration


I am hoping someone can help, or at least provide some information.


I have a 30Mb internet connection. I go to speedtest.net and get ~31Mb, then I start to play MW3 immediately after and yet I cannot connect to a host under 125 ping!


Every game I play is terrible because my connection is so poor. But I've got better broadband than I've ever had! Seriously, it's like trying to play it over dial-up! Even when I am the host it is terrible.


So I want to know if it is a configuration issue perhaps? My NAT type is currently open, is this best for performance? I don't host private matches so would NAT closed be better?


Is there any way to test what connection speed I actually get in game?


I've been playing Call of Duty since the first game came out. I've played every game in the franchise and usually buy it as soon as it comes out. I've never had this problem before, even years ago when I had 2Mb broadband connection...But this is enough to make me never play it again


Any help or advice would be appreciated

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    sounds like PC and ISP perform faster than your router to be honest... what kind of router are you using? same issue here... i have 3 phones, 2 laptops, and 2 desktops via ethernet on the router and it was overloaded... just not enough to handle the transfer... are you downloading/torrenting in the background? are you allowing too many programs to auto-update midgame? many many causes for this... router is one of them... just upgraded to llinksys ea4500 (refurbished deal off cisco site for $110 US vs. new for $199)... using any download/ping speed management software? cfosspeed is good, support included with some ASUS RoG motherboards for free... or order for like $20 US from http://www.cfos.de - needs to be installed on every PC on the network for traffic shaping to kick in... but communicates better if it transfers the data between the network, basically allowing more prioritty to games, etc. than someone just BS'ing around on Facebook... allows better prioritization and simultaneous download/activity between multiple PCs... but maybe just transfer speed of your router/network card... are you wireless off your router? you do know there is a transfer cap via wireless vs. straight ethernet cable to router? could also be your PC bottlenecking your speed not able to circulate data fast enough between all of the above... hard to tell but you could check into your router or try third party tools to increase download speeds/lower ping such as cfosspeed