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Freezing problems.

Hi there, I got some problems here.My character can't move after dieing or other situations, and my keyboards is not working but i still can type things in other places.While another problem is im freezing while prone shot and crouch shoting and especially with hip aiming.Any CLEAR solution will be highly appreciated.

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    Wireless keyboard? Wireless mouse? Computer wirelessly connected to router? Cell phone within close range of the PC? It is very possible that the keyboard or other device(s) causing interference or lag... but a total freeze where you can't do anything after pressing CTRL and going prone? Do you have CTRL as a hotkey for anything or still have 'Sticky Keys' on in Windows? Try disabling sticky keys... in Win 7 its located in Control Panel - Ease of Access - should be in keyboard options somewhere (normally you press the CTRL/SHIFT keys etc. 5 times and Windows alerts with a notification window that says 'Hey somethings wrong with the keyboard!', which may interfere with MW3 possibly)


    In the other case... I had the Logitech MX5000 keyboard and mouse combo - DO NOT BUY IT SERIOUSLY - worst lag due to incompatibility in Win 7 once I upgraded with not just one but both devices... and if you have one of these... I'm sorry for you, but most of the owners have ditched these, as Logitech states is outdated and they will NOT be providing Win 7/8 compatible drivers, its out of support for the most part.


    Don't exactly know what to tell you here... but you say everything works fine elsewhere, as you can open Microsoft Word and type, etc. just keyboard freezes ingame... if wireless, how often do you charge/change the batteries? Just saying I use rechargable and they go on the charger once a day... well its on auto for a 15min quickcharger, but I take the fresh ones out and replace the used ones back in the charger, swapping new daily... Not that you really have to do this more than once a week, even once a month if they last super long...but I have like 2 brain cells left and I don't have time for BS... when its time to kill shxt that mouse better work... hate lagging when the charge is low or having to drop group midmatch to charge the batteries when they're dead, therefore, reduce the risk to 0 by charging them daily...


    Possibly look up and see if you have the correct drivers installed... of course its relatively hard since Microsoft/Windows uses a generic default keyboard driver for most... but if your keyboard's manufacturer has a proprietary driver set and install package, download and install it instead of Windows default maybe... its possible it could be conflicting, usually does because the generic driver set may not support keyboards with LCD or extra function keys (ones that may be macro'd with proprietary software to turn volume up/down, play music or dvd, etc.)


    The best solution here BEFORE buying anything or trying anything else would be to ensure the batteries are stable IF it is a wireless keyboard... IF using Windows OS, turn Sticky Keys off... check the keyboard manufacturer's site for proprietary drivers and install them if they exist... if none of the above works - GOOGLE BOTH 1) your keyboard mfr and model # - like 'logitech mx5000 error' and see if the results come back with a ton of negative feedback or anyone else has reported those problems... and 2) your keyboard dongle/bluetooth adapter if wireless... its possible they have interference issues with other devices, yea some say they can handle up to #xxxx devices, but that's a load of crap if you ask me... also is it possible someone else is on your network? ie, husband/wife, kids, roommates downloading while you're playing? could be that random spurt while they are loading a Youtube video in HD? for example... to be rightfully honest I have not noticed an issue with keyboard malfunction in my entire life... except for a few keyboards missing keys, etc. and the OH SHXT! just spilled my coffee situations... but as I said there may be many possibilities of what to look for... and to be honest, before you go spending money to diagnose your keyboard or find a solution to make IT work... you'd probably be better off just buying a newer Win 7/8/Mac OS X compatible keyboard

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      Try another keyboard/mouse combo, hardwired - have you updated every thing, and you dont state what spec your system is, and BB connection speed.


      I had an issue with cod 4 last week which would freeze the game for a few moments and or freeze my PC completly locked.  it turned out that I did not have stereo mix enabled in my sound settings, simple and sorted, and if like me you use built in sound, that also doubles as the keyboard processor worth a look

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        Yea what Hooty said too... last week I just upgraded my router from a pre-Linksys EA1200 (almost 5+ years old... time to go anyhow) to Cisco's Linksys EA4500... you may not need their $200 monster though... however in my situation it was a connection related issue with the router randomly dropping devices due to overload... and the simple fact that Cisco has them on their site for $110 refurbished (like new/rebuilt)... and it corrected my ping issue as well back down to ~20 or less... this is probably not your problem if it is the ONLY computer/device on the network... the crappy router/gateway your ISP gives you should be fine, but again as in my situation, I have 3 phones, 2 laptops, and 3 desktops all feeding off the router @ 54mbps max wireless x 5 and @ 100mb wired x 2 do the math above the basic 300mbps just retrieving automatic Windows/Android updates while I could be busy killing... soooo I upgraded to efficiently handle the devices without stalling my body count any,.. again though, you didn't specify whether it was a wireless/wired keyboard, yet still check for drivers for it and search Google to see if other users have reported issues/corrections that can be made for your specific model... there may be an update you need for Win XP/Vista/7/Mac OS X/Linux/Unix/BSD compatibility in order to utilize your keyboard without error... and again IF wireless, it may be receiving feedback from other devices, even getting kicked off the bluetooth adapter, EVEN IF it is only for MW3 yet you can use Yahoo Messenger just fine, etc. it may have just stopped response to the iw5mp.exe because Windows thinks there is an error with the driver/commands being sent... some crap like that... you are best off with a wired keyboard/mouse in any case, ofc a mechanical keyboard would be nice, even backlit so you don't have to fidget in the dark and give yourself a few extra hours killing time... some links for product info: http://www.leopold.co.kr/ - http://www.topre.co.jp/e/products/comp/realforce_index.html - sadly two of the best mechanical keyboard manufacturers top of the line PC equipment and you won't get anything out of it if you can't understand Japanese/Korean... BUT http://elitekeyboards.com/products.php?sub=special&filter=fullsize - that's in English at least... and yes better than your average response from a keyboard especially for gaming, but yea you get what you pay for... even other popular manufacturer's make mechanical switch keyboards for faster response time than your average $10 special... like Corsair, which I don't own one, would be nice someday... but I do have the Corsair AX1200 1200w beast PSU powering my rig... http://www.corsair.com/en/vengeance-gaming/vengeance-gaming-keyboards/vengeance- k90-performance-mmo-mechanical-gaming-keyboard.html -- you probably don't need to spend more than $40-100 but some of the backlit boards and fast-er response boards with the higher-priced quality/gold plated switches, etc. for $100-200+ (yes they even make a stainless steel enclosed keyboard like something they'd use at a nuclear power plant just in case some moron spills coffee at the wrong time and blows 30 sq. miles radius around all to hell, one I saw was around $2000)... but yea maybe its settings/drivers and a somewhat quick fix searching off Google for any solutions... if wireless, maybe its irregular reading saying batteries are decent/good/excellent when they are really shxtty...? or maybe you just need a change of pace and a reason to blow $100-300...