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Question about MOAB.

I started on a 2nd profile awhile back because I didnt want to prestige and I`ve been messing around over there alittle at a time and I have leveled that profile up to 56 so far. Today I was playing at Lockdown and was doing good. I stopped and said, let me see how mnay kill I got because I know I`ve been killing a lot of people. By sheer luck I was 24-0 and no MOAB. I was using the specialist package so Im not sure why I didnt get a MOAB. Do you have to finish a level completely first or whats the deal?


My girlfriends son has been trying to get a MOAB since the game came out and he noticed that he has a 26 or 27 kill streak but never a MOAB. I thought he might not have noticed it and he really got it but now being that I didnt get one I starting to wonder.