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The War Hounds xbox 360 new clan


we are a new clan under a week old we have played 3 clan events so far with only clan owners score counting as clan was enlisted in events before any members had joined but gained 2 silver badges and then a bronze.


we now have 10 premium members and 3 founders and 4 non premium.

we are nearly level 5.

we accept any age any rank any skill all are welcome in our clan as long as you are friendly and polite to other members and respectful we dont care about k/d or if you die a lot or not.we play for fun and a laugh and to meet new friends.


we are all very welcoming and friendly.

always looking to recruit members.


we have a facebook page......The War Hounds.....http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-War-Hounds/386739348029508

also a twitter page and a youtube channel will be up soon featuring videos of the clan in action. as one of our members has video recording equipment.


clan tag is [TWH]



good mix of ages and nationalities from scotland to mexico to the usa and wales.

we look forward to seeing you  all soon!.

thanks for reading


made 2 videos on my own youtube account.


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    we are now level 37 and have had to remove lots of members they never take part or help in ops or challenges just sit around waiting on emblems and xp. dont even answer messages on live.


    im rebuilding the clan in time for blk ops 2 and will only have players who actually take part i dont expect you to play every event but just help when you can


    if you want to play and help out in a clan feel free to request join

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    well the clan is going good but recently had to kick a good few members!!! so from now on if you join the clan then i expect you to take part in clan ops and challenges when you can


    i dont expect people to join and 6wks later never answer a single message or play in a single clan op or challenge yet play online using my clans tag.


    we are recruiting now we have no real rules any age skill sex or rank are welcome as long as your friendly and dont get into a rage if you die and are polite to others AND want to help with ops and challenges otherwise why join and waste mine and your time.


    if you would like to join us then request join the war hounds on cod elite or send friend request to the war hound on xbox live.


    the clan is level 40 on mw3 and nearly level 16 on blk ops which isnt bad considering weve barely had 3 players for most cllan ops and got gold and silver medals.


    join the pack today

    [TWH] The War Hounds Clan