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Trying to find a team for BLOPS 2/ XBOX

Hoping to find a good team fast to finish out the crap known as MW3 & prepare for BO2. I've done a majority of my COD playing time lone wolf through past titles & never had a good w/l ratio. That has to change for BO2!! I've quit MW3 twice but find myself coming back mainly in hopes of finding the RIGHT team.


Gt is D StainzZz 4 ya

Things about me & what i'm looking for: 34 yrs old w/ a family & VERY competitive

I DO NOT like or play TDM, hardcore anything, or crap like zombies or spec ops

I want a team that is looking to pubstomp not worrying about clan ops & that crap!!

I will not be purchasing premium elite unless something comes up to be worth it!!!

I am a good teammate, very loyal & dedicated

Also need a team that plays alot (as of now I play morn-5:30 PM est Mon-Thurs & after 9 PM est most every night)

Please help as I am sick to death of nerdy ass randoms that can't even spell COD...much less play it!!!