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Connecting to online services error.

I'm having an error, not just me I guess I should say, hundreds of people. I've been looking for a solution yet It seems there is none, I've been following guides on youtube to no avail, just as others say aswell. It's been going on for a week now, nothing's changed. Payed 60 quid for a game I can't play, quite agrivating to say the least, and i'm supprised that activision hasn't seen this error, it's not just on pc aswell, I've seen people requesting help for the ps3.


YES, I UNDERSTAND THIS ISN'T A SUPPORT FORUM, YET ACTIVISION'S SUPPORT WEBSITE DOESN'T SEEM TO BE LOADING ON NUMEROUS COMPUTERS. (In caps to grab your attention) So please, if you have ANY idea on how to fix this, wake up activision and tell them to fix it, I would be REALLY happy!!!


Thanks :S


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    My suggestion is to NEVER EVER buy an activision product again

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    i have the same problem......what are they doing??why can't i connect to online services?i have downloaded the game and cracked it to play multiplayer but when i open multiplayer and try to connect it says online services are not available right now.try again later or visit the page www.callofduty.com/mw3/status for update....and when i visit the page i can't do anything.....any ideas guys what can we do to fix this????

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    I have the same problem here.. And it have been like this for 4 days now..

    I have never used any cheats, hacks or something so i found this very strange..



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    I have friends that haven't been able to join our MW3 dedicated server since day one, and we have tried EVERYTHING port forwarding, DMZ, even turning off firewalls, and running directly from the modem (temporarily, just to trouble shoot) clearing the DNS cache, you name it etc... verifying the game cache, deleting the client registry.blob, reinstalling the game, reinstalling steam.


    lately (since the last patch) everyone in my clan has had a problem connecting at one time or another, I myself wasn't able to join for several hours (while the rest of my team had no problem; when I finally got in some of them couldn't (and yes I restart the server daily, and have recently reinstalled it)


    one of my members (who's never had a problem joining our server before) has not been able to for days; even though he can join lagnet, and other dedi-server (that's what made me think it might be a DNS name resolution problem)


    At any rate I have to conclude that the problem lies solely with the game it's self. (this all started with the last patch)

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      The dedi server list was down last night, so it may be a master server issue, but the server lists are up tonight ...

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        Hootymadman wrote:


        The dedi server list was down last night, so it may be a master server issue, but the server lists are up tonight ...

        Like i said; this has been on going for days. last night we (4-5 of my clan mates and a few pub) where in the server; and still my other clan mate (who's never had a problem joining before; and has tried EVERYTHING known to man) was unable to join. (and this is before the master server went down; and not to mention a low turn out of pub, in the last few days, which I suspect is due to this very issue) so as I see it, this is still unresolved.

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          whats your Nat settings, open nat is the best, we had a clan member that could not join a game and it ended up being his Nat was set to strict.

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            been though all of that: and this is a dedicated server, not lagnet; so it shouldn't even matter.


            but yes it is open.


            This problem has been discussed in depth in these forums, since this game was released, and still there is an issue; that can not seem to be resolve.


            By the way we are in the US. so the whole "switch" issue is mute.

            We all have seperate modems, and routers.

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              We are a UK based clan with a few Members from the US, who have a good pings to our server and play ok an both Dedi and team games through the lobby, but we have a uk member with 50Mbit connection who can be dropped or not even connect to the server because of an issue with how his ISP gateway works, yet he had no problems when using the 20Mbit service

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    Okay, I'm having the same problem logging in. It took a few hours yesterday to log in and by that time I was fed up with mw3. Now I try to log in today and I still get this bullshit error. It says connecting to server for about two minutes then shows me an error message tht the server is unavailable. On the top corner of the screen reads, 1.5.414 I assume that's an ip address. I rebooted everything and needed around with alot of my Internet connections and even contacted my web provider, but everthing is functional on my end. So activision... What the hell is going on? Why is the status website reading Defcon 5? You've got something going on! So please fix this! Somebody on your end needs to at least inform us of some type of resolution or status update. Very disappointed right now....

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    I have been having this problem for quite some time.
    However, I finally stumbled upon the answer.
    My avast antivirus shields were the problem! When they are up, the game never connects. And once I disable them temporarily, the game connects almost immediately (15 - 20 seconds)

    I don't know if this solves everyone's problems, but it solved mine
    Try this. Maybe your problem too may get solved.

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    I'm from south Africa and I have the same issue it keeps telling me servers ate down.. I play on ps3!! My Internet connection is all good! It also irritates me when I can see my mates online and playing but it takes me an hour to start playing...help!!!!

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    Posted this in another thread, or at least 10... this one was specifically for a 'similar' issue, and also may help you all:


    Looks like you have the same thing that happened to me possibly... first, go in Steam, goto Community, click your name to view your profile - middle of page far right in the 'Recently Played' stats box, are there 'ban(s) on record'? If so you were caught cheating and this is a good cause that error comes up alot seeing as we have a ton of n00bs around lately... you can click the 'ban(s) on record' and it would tell you which game(s) you were banned from with a 'cheating infraction' and if it does and says MW3 then shame on you, go diaf or play out in traffic.


    If not, you may have been stuck with the beta update failure like myself... IF you signed up for the latest Steam beta version IT IS INCOMPATIBLE with Win 7 and some games, i.e. MW3 and Civ5 that I know for certain... to relieve this issue:


    Exit Steam completely, close the TSR running in background, then:


    Delete everything in Steam folder EXCEPT the Steam.exe application

    **INCLUDING every file and folder EXCEPT the 'Steamapps' folder where your games are stored


    Then once that's done, clcik the Steam app and it will default to the latest NON Beta version without the failure update stopping many from playing MW3 or other games... IF that doesn't work, contact Steam support for further help on that issue.


    Yes, the servers down message IS a Steam issue (most of the time)  NOT Activision or IW regardless of using IWnet servers or not.

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      Thanks for the info. I'm apparently NOT on the ban list, at least I didn't find any information about that (and I haven't cheated). When checking what ports are in use for the iw5mp.exe process while the connection to multiplayer is tried, only connection to remote address mw3-pc-lobby.prod.demonware.net is established on local port 64245 (to remote port called xbox, don't ask). I'm PC user.


      Local ports 27016, 56036, 56037 and 56038 are not reached for some reason (even if firewall would be disabled) related to iw5mp.exe. I have understood that only the following ports should be used by iw5mp.exe so I don't understand why I see totally different ports in practise:


      TCP: 27014-27050

      UDP: 27000-27015, 27015-27030


      The version is 1.9.453. I haven't intentionally to subsribed to any betas.