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How do we set up CLAN TAG [SoN]


In pc-mw3? i dont have any places to set up any clan tag. i did read something abought callsign but cant see any.

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    Can anyone tell this please ? I want to know aswell

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    Its not possible to have clan tag on PC normally , but i see some players wearing clan tags but its by some mod ( not hack )

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      That is not a mod, they are bullshxtting you my friend... 99% of those are packaged with an aimbot or wallhack, watch some of the videos posted here:




      Apparently, they've taken some of my posts down here with obvious blatant hacker names and profile links, but I'm going to post obvious videos there instead... I don't really give two shxts about violating the ToS but they keep taking my posts down here, and as of two nights ago... which I agree, as I said, clearly violated the ToS on the 'name and flame' rules, but this kind of crap needs to be brought to attention, as *MOST* of the clan tag mods are packaged with aimbot and wallhacks, whether or not users take advantage of that function, even for 10 minutes or 10 rounds... so Valve/IW/Activision cannot control what goes up on Facebook, especially video evidence, as the videos are copyright and owned by me, it would be a violation of local and federal law for them to limit me there, end of story.


      Now I understand these *mods* are a new-er thing, for the most part I have seen them emerge in the last 2-3 weeks more and more, and they have NOT been around since launch like other types of hacks.  With the last free weekend they have been introduced and advertised by users to *download/buy* them.  I understand there are new patches coming to PC - which one thread flames Valve/Activision/IW for not releasing these patches on time... check the sticky for the PC patch update from Candice/Candyslexia of IW:




      That was clearly stickied ONE WEEK AGO, so the update they announced with expectations of ONE to TWO WEEKS... isn't over deadline... but the arrival of new types of hacks has alerted them to new situations and reports from players... my posts were deleted from one thread 'Any news on the anticheat patches?' located here:




      Anyhow, MW3 security is doing their job so to speak... ever have that last minute situation come up and don't have a clue how you're going to make things work? In the middle of working on these patches as of 1 week ago, new hack types have come into play, and my guess is its setting things back a bit... many have reported things and given information, and trust me they are working on things, but give it time, this isn't something they are going to fix overnight as half this forum would like to think.  I don't care what level of programming knowledge these forums users have... if they were any good there would be a 'Call of Bob' (or whatever name) game that would not have hackers or have map mod tools... they wouldn't be here complaining if they knew how to code the entire game and/or fix the problem issues... just saying maybe some should respect Candice/MW3 security for working their a$$es off day and night trying to throw together last minute patches that address *new-er issues that just came about within the last week or two... I imagine they knew what they were originally going to fix, then found out last minute that something new came up as I said, and are now working on more than one specific project... just stfu and give it time...