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More Maps in Chaos Mode

I must first say that I really love Chaos Mode.  I think that it is an awesome game mode and the epitomy of the Arcade Shooter.  It's just massive amounts of fun.  There is only one problem... it's only on four maps.


I understand that things for MW3 are winding down, but I am hoping that the team at Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer/Raven could introduce this fantastic game mode to ALL maps in MW3, just as Survival is in all maps.  I also think that this game mode would be really fun on Face-Off maps as well, and would be even more frantic (if that's even possible).


Doing this should not be very difficult, either.  All the developer should have to do is populate the map with guns/equipment, focusing on high travel areas, and pick spots for Care Packages to drop.  Now, I do not know a lot about coding, so this act could indeed be very difficult.  Maybe Chaos runs on the campaign engine instead of multiplayer, and there would have to be conversions or something.  I really do not know.  But I nevertheless think that this would not take a substantial amount of time.


Does anyone else want Chaos Mode on more maps?


Once again, thank you for your time.