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Gun Balancing Suggestions



MP7 - needs slightly lower accuracy and lower damage.


Type 97 - needs to be more like the Famas from MW2.  It can't have higher accuracy AND higher firerate AND higher damage than the M16, because then the M16 is obsolete.  They need to bring down the Type 97's power to M4A1 levels.


ACR - slighly lower accuracy.  It's just a little too accurate, though if nothing is ever done to this gun it would be OK, IMO.


AA12 - needs a buff to damage, bigtime.  Infact, all shotguns need a damage buff.  Shotguns should completely outclass EVERYTHING in close range combat.  That's the point.  If anyone is within a three foot radius it should be an insta-kill, even if only one pellet hits the enemy.  I'm sick of clipping a guy in the abdomen, then have him spin around and spray me to death.  However shotguns can't hit anything beyond thirty feet.  That's the trade-off. Shotguns completely outclass everything in close-quarters, but are completely outclassed everywhere else.




               Close - Shotguns


               Medium/Close - SMGs


               Medium - Assault Rifles (they are like the Jack-of-All-Trades)


               Far/Medium - LMGs


               Far - Snipers

________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________




C4 - I believe that C4 should be made more tactical.  First, cut the throw distance to around 1/4 it's original length.  (Those who like to throw it around corners and blow it up will have to settle for grenades.  It's terrible, I know).  Second, double the explosive radius.  Even if it's not doubled, at least increase it.  I think that C4 should function as a means to kill people in high traffic areas, or to kill players who storm a building in order to secure a flag or something like that, and at its current power it is just not a very feasible option.  It should be a means to secure areas for your team (hold down roads, guard points, etc.).  Place it in smart locations and it is deadly.  For those people who enjoy throwing it, that's what grenades are for.  Third, give players two C4 per life so that way they can put one on the left side of a street and the second on the right side.  This will make it far more effective.  Fourth, and this is the point I'm still unsure of, do not have C4 disappear after death.  Instead, have the player spawn with the ability to blow the charge after they respawn.  Only once the charge is blown and the player respawns will they get the option of placing more C4.  Enemies will have to watch out. 

     While I can see problems with this, I also think that it will be great fun.  That way a player can sneak behind enemy lines and place it on a minigun, and even if they die it will still be there.  Then wait for an enemy to begin shooting that minigun, and click - BOOM.  I think this will be fun, however the idea of being blown up at your spawn is not a fun one.  That is why you must cut the throw distance down to 1/4, so it is much harder to place in locations.  This will require players to actually be where they want to place it, and can't just throw it over a wall.  At the very least, please consider my first three suggestions.


Jammer - increase jamming range.  At it's current size it is very useless.  I suggest doubling the range, and maybe have it affect Pointstreaks, as it affected the RC Car in Black Ops.





I hope you consider what I have written.  Thank you for your time.

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    If it was done the way you suggested all guns based on their respected classes would have the same damage, accuracy, etc... They would just look different.

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    nope i agree with shotguns, they are too underpowered something needs to be done, also a sniper rifle should be one shot kill, ESPECIALLY A BARRET 50 CALIBER.


    Reasoning behind this, barret 50's are used as anti tank snipers..... therefore it should be a 1 shot


    Shotgun reasoning, model 1887 blows, and spas 12. they need a damage buff, for some reason its more effective long range than short range and like the guy said a shotgun would blast you away if your up close.




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      helo guys,  i think the same like inferno and Fatalx.
      i want to say something to, in modern warfare 1 ( Cod 4) was the M16A4 ,just in campain mode, full automatic. I liked it verry much but why do they changed it to 3 shoot in online mode?
      I think you should could change by ur self between full automatic and and one shoot...

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    Couldn't agree more with inferno, I love mw3 but the maps and players ruin it for me. But top priority is the mp7, it's a freaking laser pointer.

    Get rid of final stand/Last stand (WHY MAKE TWO!?) and dead man's hand, they're just absolute bullshit. There's nothing more annoying than pumping someone full of lead only to have them sit down and get one jammy shot that kills me instantly. But if it's not feasible to get rid of them at least award the kill to the guy who put them into final stand, and no getting back up.

    Then we have campers, you guys just love making things easy for campers or people who just generally enjoy playing like dicks. If someone is in the same area for an amount of time that would qualify as camping they should show up on the radar.