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mod controllers and weaker players

why can't mw3 do anything about the moded controller users? that isn't showing good game play whenever a weaker opponent comes with a mod and can get 35 to 50 kills a match and not get penalized for it examples are automatic mk14,striker,faster acr, ak47 and the controllers with aim bots that give head shots and auto aimwhile people are running backwards? something needs to be done about this

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    I, for one hate cheaters!


    Modded controllers are hard to detect because they are external modifications. However, hacks and aimbots can be detected. But only through players who report cheating by modded controllers can they be dealt with. Depending on what they've done based on the level of douchebaggery, cheaters have been banned either for days, have their ranks reset to level 1 or banned (by profile, console, or permanently).


    You can report cheaters to @ATVIAssist on Twitter or Facebook, or email report@infinityward.com.


    Be specific on what to report to them. Mention the game system first followed by the gamertag/PSNID and a short explaination on what was witnessed.




    Xbox: gamertag123. Modded Controllers at Fallen Map, 3:30pm


    They will then look into that gamer's recent matches as well as check out their played games.