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Elite Clan Glitch? (PS3)

I am the leader of a clan, named NZC. When I look at the roster, everybody in my clan, except me, has "No Data" for their KD Ratio and their hours played, and "MISSING DATA" for their SPM. Under my name however, it says "0" under my kd, hours played, and SPM, and I also cant make anybody leader. Also, when I click on their elite profiles, their stats are there so  im really confused. Please help if you can, thanks.

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    i am looking for an answer because i am also a leader of a clan and i dont know why all members have NO DATA and MISSING DATA...

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    Team TSA

    It works for me but only using the PS3 console app, not via a web browser.

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    Since the last major update to Elite this has been the case. Your clan page roster will only show you and occasionally one other person. If you go to Manage and view your roster here it will have all members but all their stats will not be there. The same is true if people put in applications and you don't accept or reject them immediately and it is also true of the people you sent invitations to for the clan.  From what I can figure out it seems as if somewhere in the coding they have the source coded incorrectly.  There really is nothing you can do about it except wait for them to patch it. But if you need to kick or promote players this can still be done via the console application. I have noticed however, after rejecting a few applications some players stats would start to appear, so it's not on your end, it's Beachead's issue.

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    Hello davidbub,


    We are aware of the 'Missing Data' issue and have passed the information to the appropriate parties involved for a thorough investigation. The data is safe, just not being displayed is the issue. It's a bit cumbersome to check the stats of your clan mates individually but both web site and console app should allow you to do so.


    If you need to kick or promote players in your clan, please use the console app as a workaround. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.