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Okay this is my first and maybe only post. But I am TIRED of arguing with morons every night on Multiplayer and getting reported all the time. 5 nights now...5 night in a row! I have had people report me for cheating on Xbox cause they think I am using a "modded" controller. (I dont even know what that is) Please spread the word that it is possible to fire an MK14 faster than an auto weapon without cheating! It's annoying.


I am not any different than a guy that can quickscope. I just happen to have mastered a different gun, thats all.


I don't even want to play this game anymore. I am tired of arguing with morons about it every night. I never cheat in video games, never use codes, even when I was little I thought it was pointless. I literally know absolutely zero cheat codes for any game I have ever played.


So if you play on xbox and you play against evmedia I DO NOT HAVE A MODDED CONTROLLER!!!


Okay, that is all. Just needed to vent. Goodnight!