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Almost all the MITD games I have played, have included teams or groups holding onto the Juggernaut and boosting one of their members or themselves to MOAB kill streak, thus in the second round they kill all the enemy team instead of doing the actual mission.


Yes its fun, but you can do that on any category of MW, MITD used to be fun, now its tedious, like a one flagged domination with a spawn camping obnoxious enemy team.


Remove the kill streak awards maybe???? And then the game would be played as it should be.



Yes i sound like a broken record, but im sure the only people to winge and disagree are the ones who use MITD ONLY for boosting.



CHANGE IT!!!!!! Or DELETE IT...... I want 18 guns back. lol

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    I see many posts about changing MITD due to campers or boosters going for a MOAB and not actually doing the game mode.


    The most annoying thing is that when a lady posts on a forum, the post gets as many views as a male post, yet no one comments!!


    Is that because you know she is right and do not want to admit it.


    You Go KuteKatKisses86,



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    Unfortunately its typical of IW to not foresee these issues before releasing new modes... or games for that matter.


    If they give this community an inch, we'll take a mile. It is sad that people play that way, and even sadder that the devs couldn't see it coming.


    The MOAB was a bad idea to begin with, it leads to selfish play such as what you are describing, but it should be turned off in that mode. Or at least made so that the Juggernaut can not earn it.


    This behavior should be reportable as boosting, as the player is not playing within the spirit of the game. The Jugg is supposed to plant the bomb.


    Another creative idea ruined by lack of foresight by IW and the shameful abuse of exploits by this community.

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    Why would you want them to remove the gametype? Sure, they can change it, but why remove it? You don't have to play it. I'm not a fan of it, so I just play other gametypes.

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      because it sucks? They say how they don't have playlist space, but they find a way to add yet another mode for boosters.

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        i think they need to do is that if they get the moab they can use it on first round but they would lose it when it goes to the second round then they would have to play and stop boosting i love the game mode just hate the camping i think also when ya get the bomb and come jagurnaount u have only like 30 seconds of jagurnaount and it goes off that would difinitly be better

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    I think I put "remove it" in there because, at the moment MITD is like holding cheese in front of a mouse. (Not as great players have no chance) I know MITD is great, but i also know that when i go into the match if im not in a team, i have zero chance of winning.   And to be fair thats what i want to do; win, Im not a sore loser, if its by fair means, but its not. Do get lots of points though.  


    Maybe it should be moved to the Hardcore game lists, then elitest vs elitest could actually play it out with equal chance of capturing the jugg. IDK, but i dont see why i should just "not play" a game that everyone should have access to with equal chance of winning.


    @ NoLifeKing23 I suppose they made playlist space, they got rid of 18 Guns and One In The Chamber, for MITD.


    Shamefull really,  like the developers enjoy stirring the pot.

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    It would be great if they changed the game mode, I thouht the rumour was the jugg was nerfed, they took specalist off them but then they put it back on, there should be a time limit to plant before you loose the jugg suit  or as xKillxTAKERx said the bomb should explode if you don't attempt to plant in a certain time. It is a good mode just ruined by arrogant players not wanting to play the objective as usual

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    I think the problem is that you are trying to play it solo.  It's designed to be a team based gamemode.  If you play as a team then you don't really have a problem dealing with the Jugg.  If you don't then there is bound to be issues.  When I'm playing it solo I often will get the Jugg suit which puts control of the game in my hands.  Then I don't have to worry about someones moab streak and can simply plant the bomb and defend assuming I don't get killed along the way.  I find the biggest problem is getting your team that's upset about not having the Jugg suit to support you.  So if they don't watch my back, I'll just be sure to fall back with them until they either help me plant or get tired of dying from me being around them all the time.

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    I've never had this problem playing I think its a bit of fun but not a gametype I would play often, I'm just glad its taking boosters away from the gametypes I play tbh

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    OR OR, bear with me now... DONT play it see where I was going?? It's the perfect most simple solution!

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    You have a problem with my gamemode i made on AlterMw3?