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Please, integrate anti-cheating methods for PC!!!

I am really disappointed! I play COD since the very first version, and I can only regret having bought MW3! There is no single game on PC in which someone is not cheating with aimbots and such. It complete ruins the logic of the game! Reporting has no use, as I keep doing it and nothing happens to those cheaters. I urge you to integrate ant-cheat measures in the game.



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    IW won't do anythink like ever.. They will let the cheaters play with their sh*ts and thats it .. I hope TrayArch will improve their security

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    IW dont seem to care anymore they made their cash from us dumb idiots stupid enough to buy the game.

    I for one wont be buying anything from IW ever again and i shall make sure all reviews will have a do not buy due to inconsiderate management game unplayable due to high amount of hackers.


    lets see how long IW can stand no more money from us PAYING COSTOMERS.

    We all love all COD games but if IW cant be arsed to sort out an anti cheating program then whats the point in us buying their games.


    Good luck IW hope your happy ripping us off for a poorly managed game.