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MW3 in a nutshell.

I`ve spent countless hours a day playing MW3 since it came out because of my job schedule. I`ve done my share of spectating, video watching, using 2 ifferent types of intermet service at the same time, watching peoples connection, scores and etc. (etc means- and so forth and so on.) Heres my breakdown of MW3 on the wii.


Problems that make MW3 bad to play.


1. Hackers


2. Lag


3. MW3 itself


Theres not much difference in hackers and lag. They both cause the same amount of problems. We all know that hackers are bad so Im not going to get into that but theres just as much of an issue with lag. It doesnt matter if your internet is good or not.Im only 3,000 plus feet from my server with good internet and it doesnt matter. I still think that superior internet will make a difference. Example: My girlfriends internet is alittle better than mine but its inconsistent. One day her son was playing MW3 nad I was playing also on the same team and he was doing good, so she went into his room to look at what he was doing and she told me over the phone, He`s got very good hit detection. More than what you have. She said, the internet must be doing good today. Anyway, Im thinking maybe if you had the best or that verizon internet thats top of the line it wouldnt matter if theres a such thing as lag compensation or not. I never been a big fan of believing in lag compensation but the other day I was spectating a guy and he said, whos the host, Im playing good. He didnt know it was me....lol...I spectated the whole game. So, who knows. I dont get beat by good players, I get beat by players that arent that good. They pull the trigger and Im down. I look at their score and they finish the game like 7-16 and 4 kills of the 7 were me....lol...I blame these types of kills on lag. This is an everyday, every game thing. Im getting beat by people that arent that good but they have this super hit detection that I dont have. My NAT type is always OPEN. So I think Im getting beat by lag more than anything. Besides hackers, lag is my biggest set-back with this game. I cant be as good as I can because of lag. Im ok in the morning when theres not many people on but as the dfay goes by it fades away due to the internet bing bogged down with users. So, with that said. Hackers and especially lag is the biggest problem and issue  with this game.


Now the game itself. The game has what I call, LEGAL CHEATS made into the game. They are called, DEATHSTREAKS. This is totally cheating at its best made legal by the people who made the game. JUICED isnt that big of a deal. REVENGE, isnt that like constant UAV on 1 person til you kill him.Thats a hack!!!!!!!!!!! FINAL STAND, I can kill you but you live and can stand back up and keep going. WRONG...If you hit the ground, you should be dead-PERIOD!!!!!!!  MARTYRDOM, how do you drop a live grenade if you never pulled the pin out? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEADMANS HAND, once again, if you hit the ground after being shot you should be dead. This is also wrong. HOLLOW POINTS, isnt this a hack that the (peenas clan) uses? WRONG!!!!!!!!! These are all hacks that the makers put into the game as LEGAL CHEATS. If you need these deathstreaks to help you, as the game says to give you that extra help when things arent going your way, you just need to keep playing and practice. As I said before, HACKERS CANT PLAY THE GAME SO THEY CHEAT TO BE COMPETITIVE. The game says that deathstreaks are for players who need that extra help when things arent going your way. So I just justified that the game has LEGAL CHEATS in it which is wrong and is nothing but LEGAL HACKING.


Another thing is the rifle. I know the game is somewhat suppose to be realistic and the rifle thing is not right at all. I use to deer hunt and I had a 12 gauge shotgun and a 243-high powered rifle with variable zoom scope. First, theres no such thing as quickscope. This is a cheat. Since some of you think pwnsweet is so good he quickscopes. You can quickscope all you want but you probably wont hit your target in real life. There should be no acog scope in this game for a rifle. The rifles should have variable zoom scopes but be EXTREMELY HARD to use. Variable scopes should be more like acog but hard to keep still without holding your breath.They did do right by putting hold your breath on them because in real life to be extremely acurate you need to hold your breath because I know for fact. I think the scopes should be extremely sensitive than what they have it. It should be almost impossible to use a scoped rifle in this game unless you catch someone sitting. I leave the game when I get killed with 1 shot by a rifle because its unfair. Its either acogging or quickscope that killed me not someone thats acurate or good with a rifle. Something else they have wrong with a rifle is, you should be able to kill someone very close by hip-firing a rifle. I`ve shot at people a few feet away and didnt hit them. Thats wrong. That rifle doesnt shoot that far off.


As for a shotgun. They have that close. If someone is a few feet away, 1 shotgun blast close range should put you on your butt. I dont have a lot of bad to talk about the shotgun.


So, with all this said, lag is just about as bad as hacking and the game itself is another issue and that equals MW3.

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    Firstly, lag is pretty much nonexistant. There are certain matches I play where lag can be a problem, but that's been the case for every single online video game I've ever played. More often than not, I find MW3 has a smooth, consistent framerate with litle to no lag online. I had more lag in Black Ops which was still great and probably the worst two games for lag and lag shooting- MWR and M@W- still had a totally playable and enjoyable experience online.


    Hackers. I don't call them hakers because they're not. They're not hacking the game. They're cheating. They're using external media to dig through the games files and manipulate the game, similar to what cheat discs allow. Cheaters are the worst part of Modern Warfare 3. There is nothing more to say about that.


    Finally, what's wrong with Modern Warfare 3 itself? It's not the perfect game, but then none of the Call of Duty games have been. It's got some irritating things; dual wield weapons, some unfair spawns, some dumb decisions like not kicking team killers and not shwoing the amount of intel you've collected unless you're in a campaign mission, but that's it.


    The Death Streaks aren't cheating, they don't even come close. It's rare that people use Death Streaks and they're most easily avoidable. If someone is that sorry a player to get their ass handed to them that many times they deserve some help, and frankly, if they've been beaten so much, it's probably by some little quickscoping bastard or someone spamming the Dual Wields.

    Juiced? How does that affect you? People are still shootable. Revenge? They've still gotta hunt and kill you. Final Stand? You can still kill them, it only delays the inevitable unless they're far away and no one else has bothered to down them if you've died. Martyrdom? That's easily avoidable. Dead Man's hand? Not so much, but it's still a rarity and you should play smarter instead of running right up to people shooting them. Hollow Points? There used to be a perk for this called Stopping Power.


    At the end of the day, things like quick scoping and extra damage for sniper rifles are part of the entire CoD franchise, not just MW3. I don't like them, but it doesn't break the game.


    If you don't like the game, just don't play it. We've heard all this a billion times. I respect what you're saying but you're breaking apart fundamentals from Call of Duty, and not just this game.

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      Everything you said about the deathstreaks are wrong. If you`re running and gunning you cant help from ending up on top of someone sometimes.As I said in my first post, JUICED, thats not that big of a deal. Its still all in game cheats, made legal by the makers of the game.


      Theres lag in every game some more than others but its there. Sometimes its not noticable until a guy kills you with 2 bullets with a gun thats not capable of doing such. As in the PP90M1. No way this gun can kill you with 1 or 2 bullets but I`ve seen it several times. Thats not the only gun though. This I blame on lag.


      Another thing, the stats for the guns arent acurate. You have to play with every gun to find out which gun does what.


      People, including myself, calls it hacking but hacking/cheating equals same thing.


      People run MW3 in the ground but its outside stuff like cheaters, as you call it and lag that actually kills the game. That has nothing to do with the game itself. The rifle stuff, deathstreaks yes. Maps are fine with me even though I hate Seatown and Outpost. The Brother and Sister maps thats full of glitches.


      As pwnsweet said, I hate playing when its bad but I like playing. So Im the same way so I play though all the cheating,lag, and in game cheats.

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      SpeedStarTMQ wrote:


      Hackers. I don't call them hakers because they're not. They're not hacking the game. They're cheating. They're using external media to dig through the games files and manipulate the game, similar to what cheat discs allow. Cheaters are the worst part of Modern Warfare 3


      Most don't even do that much work. The best term is "copying and pasting". Most people you see cheating on MW3 just simply copy some code into a cheat manager that is send to their SD card which they put in their Wii. Any 5 year old could do it.


      If someone is that sorry a player to get their ass handed to them that many times they deserve some help


      The only deathstreak that actually helps a player is juiced and maybe revenge........ All the others give a no skilled kill that is not a boost of any sort to affect their play style. Where is the balance in that?

      No one deserves a mini nuke or a grenade to poop out their A** beause they are doing bad.


      I don't even like it when I go on a deathstreak. (which is rare) All it does is remind me that I'm sucking.





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      SpeedStarTMQ wrote:


      Firstly, lag is pretty much nonexistant. There are certain matches I play where lag can be a problem, but that's been the case for every single online video game I've ever played.


      Self contadiction No1. Can't be bothered to read anymore.

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        Pretty much, meaning 99% gone. Certain matches where lag is a problem being when the host is in deep Africa and has a **** connection. Therefore that's not a contradiction and it doesn't indicate a problem with the game either. You'll never play a game online without at least some lag sometimes, so based on the context of what we're talking about, "pretty much nonexistant" is justifiable considering all online games have lag.


        If you don't wanna read any more, then don't, I couldn't care less really.

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    Lag will always be an issue in any online game. Not much you can do there.


    Certain CAPs can be countered with Blind Eye (redbox/assault-support), a Stinger (assault-support), or a rocket launcher (magnet-teleport).


    Revenge and Martyrdom aren't that bad. I used Revenge in the starting days of MW3 and I would almost always be killed by an enemy while hunting for the Revenge-targeted person. Martyrdom usually just wounds you if you sprint away. Hollow Points is kind of an issue. Dead Man's Hand is definitely the worst out of all of them. Juiced is perfectly fine.


    Got quickscopers? Do dropshots. Get sniped? Flank and stab the sniper in the back. One-hit sniper rifles will be in CoD for a long time, pal. You'll have to learn how to counter them.

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      I agree. However I don't have a problem with any death streak, purely because if they're using it you're gonna be winning. I've been annoyed by being blown up by Dead man's Hand a few times, but it's swings and roundabouts. I love popping someone from far away with Dead man's Hand and watching them just explode. It really adds insult to injury that you killed someone who's playing crap and they explode themselves.


      Dropshots are a way to avoid snipers. Unfortunately as codcanuck said, one-hit snipers will be in the games for a long time. I hate it, I think people who use sniper rifles constantly are pathetic and it shows a massive lack of skill, but that's the way the game goes. It would be better if the bullet gained damage over a distance. Quick or no-scoping someone with one bullet and killing them whilst they've pumped 3 in to you from another weapon is just poor, and it seems Activison have taken this"N00B" ability and marketed it. Quickscoping shouldn't exist but it does. Sod all the death streaks, THIS is the real problem of Call of Duty. It should only be allowed if it's an explosive round, and then there should be things to compensate for this power, like a smaller magazine, longer reload time, etc.

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        I can agree with all thats been said. These people with Martyrdom, my girlfriend says, what did he do **** it out....lol...It seems when I run from it, it rolls down a hill or stairs or its like I have a string tied to it and me and cant get away from it.....lol...


        Quiickscoping and one-shot kills  that you cant defend yourself on I hate. I dont tolerate it in my games....lol..Its bad enough rounding a corner and BANG!!!! 1 shotgun blast...I love the shotguns though, thats the G-9`s problem solver.....lol....

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    You are so bitter. Why do you think it's impossible for you to be outgunned by someone with an inferior KD? in all of your threads/posts, you seem to be searching for a reason for your defeat. is it so absurd to accept the fact that you can't win every time? Also, WTF are you talking about with sniper rifles? You feel cheated when you get killed by one, saying, " it was probably acog or a quickscoper" but you feel like they should be better hip firing at close range? That makes no sense. The fact that a hip-fired barrett is basically the best SMG/Shotgun in the game has clearly eluded you. Why should a sniper rifle do good at close range, and a shotgun do good at long range? COD isn't about being hyper-realistic, it's a video game.

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      Most people that I see with what you call inferior kd ratios cheat. EXAMPLE: Just saw this last night. This guy had a kd ratio over 9.00. Number 1, thats impossible. I spectated this guy and sure enough, when the game started, he jumped 2 stories high on top of a building and started shooting people that couldnt see him. I spectate anyone I think is cheating and most of the time they cheat. I dont see (many) good players on MW3. When I say this I mean people that kills a lot and not get killed a lot.I see cheaters and lag assisted players. Im located on the eastern part of the United States so I doubt if I see everyone on this forum.


      Half of what you`re saying makes no sense about the rifle.Its a video game thats suppose to be close to realistic.


      Im like any good person, team, or group of people playing a game and get cheated. I start looking for reasons why and how?


      I have looked at pwnsweet`s numerous videos to see how he reels off these good games. Im like, you cant go 54-6 at Mission with a shotgun. You cant get 2 MOAB`s at Underground. So I broke down his videos. 2 things right off the bat. He had no teammates to kill the enemy and the enemies werent good at all. My girlfriend even said its almost like he paid them off not to shoot at him...lol....Then I ran into a video of his that made things clear. He said, I CANT PLAY ON AMERICAN SERVERS because of lag.


      Lag kills me in these games, not the people. People that arent good kill me. Cheaters kill me. So what I said at the beginning of this post refers to how I see MW3 in a nutshell. What I think is right or wrong.


      Its 100% obvious that we dont play the same people on MW3. So you, them, and those people dont play the people I do so actually no one knows nothing about the other...lol..

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        Im adding to my above post.


        Got into a game with a guy with a 4.21 KD ratio. I know the lobby leaderboard is broke but I always look at it anyway and this is where I saw the 4.21 kd.


        Number 1, you cant have a kd ratio that high without some type of cheating going on. That tells me in his barracks his kd is probably 5 something. Being that the lobby leaderboard is broke its higher than that now.


        Anyway, the guy ended up on my team so I spectated him. No surprize he was using a rifle with red box. No radar out, no uav. I saw him shooting at a wall and Im like, what are you shooting at, then all of a sudden a guy runs up the steps and he kills them. He knew that guy was there. I saw him stop and look around to make sure he knew where everyone was and when he ran to the back door he waited and sure enough here comes someone.


        I know this game. I know what you can and cannot do. So to ooRajaRam, inferior kd usually means cheating, in return means your going to get outgunned.

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          4.21 impossible? I had a 4.18 on MW3 with 57,000 kills until I got account hopped. Now I have a 7.5 KD with 10,000 kills. A 12.76 on black ops before I got hopped with 15,000 kills.


          Your descriptions of people hacking are very  bland as if you don't any hackers or what they look like and you just have your imaginary world of hackers.

          tlaspepper wrote:


          I know this game. I know what you can and cannot do. So to ooRajaRam, inferior kd usually means cheating, in return means your going to get outgunned.

          This is just absolutely sad you think this. This sounds like it's coming from a 10 year old crybaby

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            Did you mess your pants up when you wrote that? If anyone on this site believes that you can have a 12.76 kd in black ops then thats sad and they have been misled. I wouldnt even have wrote that on this forum if I were you. Being that you are a cheater yourself, you probably did have a 12.76 kd. Before your account got hopped as you say, some of your numbers in your black ops profile are in the negative which indicates you are a cheater. If you cheated on black ops then you surely will do so on MW3.


            So, that means anything you say cant be held reliable and your accounts arent creditable. You sound like a 10 year old trying to be somebody.

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              Lol Me the 10 year old? You're the one accusing anyone that is better than you a hacker. At least when I get beat fairly I can accept defeat.


              You are just a sorry excuse of a player.


              First of all none of my stats were negative so you are the one that can't be trusted. There are legit players on Xbox who can keep a 12. KD such as MarkofJ so why can't wii players do it.


              I never cheated so you need to stop making up your lies and accept the fact you are not the best player. You can't be the best at everything. I know I'm not the best at Blops. One person I know who is better then me is FeaR who ended up joining FluX. Back in black ops GB he was one of the best players legit players IMO.


              I don't know why I still try to argue with your hard headed self.


              Link to markofjs video


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          Tlaspepper and I have been playing MW3 for who knows how long but the point is that we arent the best but we can tell a hacker when we see one. Dont think what i am about to say that we are hackers but if this game was top notch- no hackers, no cheaters, and no lag - we would hardly ever get killed.

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            MW3dontplay wrote:


            Dont think what i am about to say that we are hackers but if this game was top notch- no hackers, no cheaters, and no lag - we would hardly ever get killed.




            Every online game has lag. It's impossible to have a "no lag" multiplayer game. As for the "hardly ever get killed" part...says who? Sorry, but I'm sensing that you guys feel like you're "supposed" to be the best and coming out below means that someone cheated.

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        Wha...do you even know what the word "inferior" means? So far what I'm getting is that you think that people with lower K/Ds than you cheat. WTF. That makes no sense whatsoever. Or maybe you're saying that because you think that because your K/D is higher you should always stomp over the enemy team? And in regards to "People that aren't good kill me". Well, if they aren't good, shouldn't YOU be the one killing them? Your posts is filled with contradicting statements.

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          ....lol......my bad.....Been out of school too long. I meant superior on what Im talking about. With that straightened out,  kill/death ratio shows how good a person is, so its nothing but luck when someone thats INFERIOR beats out someone thats SUPERIOR.


          EXAMPLE: Superbowl, 2 teams, 1 being dominant and the other not so dominant. People that gamble choose the better team based on performance and stats before the game starts because the better team SHOULD win.


          PRODUCTS: The better quality (NAME BRAND) the longer it should last. The more expensive a product, the better it is. The cheaper the product is, it probably wont last as long as the more expensive one.


          Its kinda like the old saying goes. You get what you pay for.


          With this said, the person with the higher kd ratio SHOULD win, SHOULD be the dominant player in the game.


          Its plain common sense.

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            Using your Superbowl example: the team with the better stats is LIKELY to win. Likely, not should. Why? Because anything can happen. Because there's a possibility of the less favorable team beating the more favorable team. Same thing in CoD. Anything can happen. K/D is merely a suggestion as to what the outcome will be. It is NOT a guarantee. Besides, what about dashboarders who inflate their K/D? If someone who's chickened out of countless games has a better K/D than you, then you're supposed to lose? Come on, mate. Half the fun of playing a game is not knowing the outcome. Back to your Superbowl example: if the team with better stats won all the time, then what would be the point of watching the game? If the team with better stats is "supposed" to win, then shouldn't the term "underdog" not exist?


            In conclusion: you are not entitled to winning because of a stat. Stats are only an indication, a hint of what will happen. It is not a guarantee. Please accept that, and please realize that someone beating you doesn't always mean they're cheating.

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        Lag kills me in these games, not the people. People that arent good kill me. Cheaters kill me. So what I said at the beginning of this post refers to how I see MW3 in a nutshell. What I think is right or wrong.



        seriously pull your head out of your arse and stop crying because you get beat. im starting to think you have a superiority complex going on... do you honestly believe hackers and lagging is the only reason you die?? please tell me your trolling...

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          Now to your comment breastfeeder or whatever your name is. Being that you`re probably not that good at these games, you have no clue what Im even talking about.


          Not just hackers and lag. Its the game, its campers, quick-scopers, rocket launchers, grenade launchers. Most of my deaths are stupid and shouldnt  happen.


          A person who runs around with a rocket launcher is only looking for a kill. They dont care if they get killed or how many times they die in a game. Its just childish to do that. Same goes for grenade lauchers on a gun. Quick-scopers and snipers are campers. You`re suppose to use your smarts and be wise and win. I get in games sometimes and the team Im on is already losing. So I bring them back from the dead and win.


          So breastfeeder, this is MW3, not Mario`s World 3. Thats probably the forum that you`re looking for.

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            "erm ma gawrdszzz i cants b beatin legit, oim 2 gud!!!11111122221!"££$"!£!"!!!! i calls hackz"


            cool story bro, as they say