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Black Ops II Online Multiplayer

So as you guys all know Black Ops II comes out in 11-13-12 (About 2 and half week) and they havent post anything about prestige emblems or how the online "Create your own class" will work. In the previous Black Ops I didn't really like how you had to earn money and buy guns, attachments, etcs.
What do you think how its going to be set up or what do you want it to be?

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    Nothing has been released about Prestige Emblems, but a ton of information has been released about how Create-a-class will work:



    On leveling and gear acquisition:


    When you start at level 1, you will start leveling up and you will get to level 4. You will unlock create-a-class and you will have four unlock tokens, one for each level. You will then have a range of things you can spend those unlock tokens on — but not everything. By the time you’re up to level 55, you have — surprise — 55 tokens. So along the way, you’ve been deciding how to spend those tokens on content that’s been level-gated. Level-gated content includes all the weapons, all the perks, all the equipment — tactical and lethal grenades — as well as the wildcards. Those things are all level-gated and they all require tokens to unlock.


    Bam, I’m level 55, I have 55 things from anything that was available in create-a-class — but only 55, because you only get 55 tokens and there’s over 100 pieces of content. That’s 1 through 55. You go and you Prestige…the way we’re looking at this right at this moment in time is, because you’re Prestige, you can pick out one of those things and hold on to it as you continue through the Prestige progression. So 1 through 55 is set in stone, we’re happy with it. What we’re working on right now is making sure Prestige feels just as good.


    On rewarding aggressive players with more score:


    There are definitely events, particularly in objective-based game modes, where you are going to get more score for being on the aggressive side. For example, capturing a flag required you to get a flag in the first place. Those things are harder to do than, say, sitting at the back of your base, defending your flag. So those aggressive-style actions usually award more score, in general, because guys who are out trying to do those things die a lot more than the guys at the back of the field.


    On removing all 10 of your Pick-10 points:


    You have the combat knife in your hand if you are not carrying either a primary or a secondary weapon. We looked and thought about not doing that, and the truth of the matter is that it’s just very unusual to play the game with absolutely nothing in your hands, and just having your fists. It’s been this way for four or five months — if you are unequipped on primary or secondary, we have to give you a way to defend yourself and fight.


    OneofSword's Blog


    The New Prestige

    One of the biggest changes in Black Ops II has to be its Prestige system. Traditionally, when you reach the maximum level in the game, you can choose to Prestige and start a new lap of progress. That’s still the case, but as with so many things in Black Ops II, the team scrutinized every system of Call of Duty and only kept the parts that made sense to them. “We are really challenging the assumption that Prestige means ‘let’s do that all over again,’” says Vahn. “Why is it like that? Maybe Prestige should be a continuation, not a reset or a do-over — not trading all your stats for an icon. That’s cruel.”


    So, in Black Ops II, activating Prestige mode does not reset your weapon XP or your Challenge progress – you simply pick up where you left off when you wrap around. “Black Ops II is designed to continue to be played,” explains Vahn. “We want you to Prestige.” Each time you do, you will receive a Prestige Unlock Token, which is different from the standard level progression token. You can use this to ignore the level gate and unlock an item permanently, much like you can in MW3. You can choose between adding a create-a-class slot, resetting all your stats to factory-fresh status (“Keep your little brother away from that button,” warns Vahn), or refunding your standard level tokens. Like re-speccing or re-rolling your character in an MMO, a refund will give you back all the unlock tokens you have spent so far in that Prestige level for you to redistribute as you see fit. Vahn illustrated with a specific example from his own experience: Say you are working on a Claymore Challenge, but you don’t finish it up before you hit max level and Prestige. You can Prestige, finish up the Challenge, then refund your points for that level and start working on a different challenge with different equipment if you want. And – most importantly for hardware players — when you hit the highest level of Prestige (level 10 in Black Ops II), you will be awarded the title of Prestige Master and all content is unlocked. Access to all the toys – you can has it.


    OneofSword's Blog


    Letting Go of Attachments

    Even those attachments and perks have been re-engineered. The laser sight adds hip-fire accuracy; you will know an enemy is using hip-fire accuracy as soon as you see his weapon, which makes it easier for you to understand how you’re getting owned and adjust accordingly. “Visualizing gameplay is always more visceral than using an icon,” says Vonderhaar. Other fun attachments include the target finder, which makes aiming down the sights a bit easier by painting your targets with a large red diamond, and the millimeter scanner, which lets you see stationary targets through smoke or walls at close range – possibly the ultimate tool against campers. Sacrifice the scope if you’d prefer another perk.


    What’s more, “In Black Ops II, there are no perks that modify a gun,” says Vonderhaar. Sleight of Hand, for instance, is no more, but there’s a Perk called Fast Hands which lets you swap weapons faster, and a weapon attachment called Fast Mag that handles faster reloads – and it’s specific to only that weapon. This should minimize the weapon-balancing nightmares that often frustrate fans and designers alike; an overpowered weapon can be tweaked and tuned as its own entity without worrying about how larger systems affect it.


    Perks in general should be easier to weigh and measure. “We’ve grossly simplified the perks,” says Vonderhaar. “Perks shouldn’t be absolute.” For instance, Ghost no longer protects you from all UAVs; “if it’s absolute, I can’t tune it,” argues Vonderhaar. Instead, Ghost keeps you invisible while on the move; a separate perk, Hard Wired, makes you immune to Counter UAV. A third perk, Cold Blooded, removes the benefits of an enemy’s Target Finder sight and some sniper scopes. Vonderhaar summarizes it all in a straightforward manner: “Perks only impact you, they don’t impact your gun, and they can be tuned.”


    Settling the Score

    Another huge change lies in the scorestreaks. Not killstreaks, and not even assault/support/specialist streaks, but a new system that rewards everything you do with one unified score table. Grab a flag? Get points. Take down an enemy while carrying that flag? Get bonus points. Remove a UAV from the sky, assist with a kill, take a Domination point – whatever helps your team succeed helps you earn some chunk of score. “We want to reward players who are helping their team win the game mode ,” says Vonderhaar emphatically. “Not just the game, the game mode.”

    Focus on capturing the flag — the object of the mode — and be rewarded.


    As with killstreaks, you choose your three scorestreak rewards — the RC-XD currently requires the least score, and the swarm of Hunter Killer drones (seen toward the end of the MP trailer) needs the most.  Even these scorestreak rewards have new behaviors. You don’t just call in a chopper; you can instruct the pilot to move if the action has progressed. Hellstorm missiles can do massive damage to one target, or you can instruct it to detonate early to cover a larger range with less damage. My favorite scorestreak reward is the Guardian, also seen in the MP trailer; it’s the microwave turret that does damage to anyone who walks into its path. Like a sentry gun, it’s great for defending a Dom point — and while it can be destroyed or hacked, unlike a sentry gun, it can’t be knifed to death.


    [UPDATE: People have asked follow-up questions about the scorestreak system, so here's some additional info for clarity. Scorestreaks do not carry over between respawns; the counter resets if you die, as it has with traditional killstreaks/assault strike packages. Kills contribute to your score, but they are not the only thing that helps you reach your scorestreak rewards, and that's the main difference -- in the past, you had to earn kills to get your rewards, even in MW3's Support Strike Package. Here, whatever you to do help the team reach its objectives helps you earn those rewards. If you earn multiple scorestreak rewards in one life, you can select which one you use first. Your scorestreak reward selections apply to all loadouts (you don't choose specific rewards per loadout, as in MW3), and scorestreaks are not part of the pick-10 system. Hope that helps.]


    The Next Level

    Fans who like to Prestige are always eager to hear how far they can progress. Vonderhaar says the team “wanted to return some simplicity” to the leveling system, so there are 55 levels and 10 Prestige ranks. Every time you level up, you get an unlock token, to be used on gear. Create a class unlocks at level 4, at which point you will have four unlock tokens to spend right away. However, there is more content to unlock than there are tokens, so you can’t unlock everything in one 55-level run. You’ll need to choose carefully, and you might choose differently as you Prestige. For the record, COD Points will not be returning, and no plans were announced to support the Prestige token system that MW3 introduced, though that is not the same as a hard “no.”


    OneofSword's Blog

    - TopFighter

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    This is a video i saw in youtube about prestige emblem, with a bit search you can find everything you want isthere.


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    I'd also add that as you didn't know what info had been released about emblems and create-a-class that you probably are new here and don't know how to find information about these kind of things on this forum.


    You could use the search function and search for:






    For any other things you're unsure about, change the search words and try a search. This forum is filled with an abundance of official information re-threaded, a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding former CODs, ordering BOII and informed opinions on what to expect in the next few months.


    You should use this resource and get involved.

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    My friend if you wanna find about something you can search on Google and Youtube!!!!

    I saw many posts and videos and i have understand clearly den game ( as they say )!!!