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How to get good

I got MW3 about a month ago and I still suck. I have been using the striker and the UMP45. I need tips to get better.

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    Depends what game mode you like playing but basically just practice and map/spawn knowledge .

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    come play with me  and my clan. ill help you out.....Gt-aD F34R

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    I always found playing s&d helps you improve your game all around. Also try running the acr extended mags + silencer, m16 red dot + silencer, or mp7 rapid fire + silencer. For your perks, I suggest assassin, slight of hand, and stalker pro or even better sitrep pro. Also, use support killstreaks, vests are helpful for you and your team

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    Just use the ACR, MP7, and Akimbo FMG9s. You cant fail.

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    Practice makes perfect.  There is no secret to the game.  Map knowledge, and basic tactics will go a long way.  All the guns are good unless you're choosing the wrong gun for the map.  Stick to support streaks.  If you're dying a lot, slow down.

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    whew, i could go on for hours about different things you could do to get better. the single best thing that you can do is learn to always strafe left and right when you shoot. many, MANY new and intermediate players have a really hard time tracking a moving target, especially if they are moving themselves. put on stalker and spend entire games moving the whole time, never stop or camp. even if you have to stop to reload or use a killstreak, once its done, get right back to running and gunning.


    there are a bunch of things that will come just by playing for hours and hours, like better reaction time, more accurate aiming, and figuring out how many ppl you can kill in one clip of ammo before reloading.


    here's some other things i won't go into detail on to save time/space but will also help you:

    -knowing the map, especially big camping spots, and beginning spawns

    -figuring out where enemies are based on where your own team is and enemy radar blips

    -knowing which battles to fight and which to avoid (entrenched enemies, 3 or 4 vs you, etc)

    -using grenades (great vs campers and known sniper positions)

    -knowing when's a good time to reload and activate killstreaks

    -being flexible, for example using assassin when the enemy has UAV or portable radar or packing a stinger + blind eye when there's an enemy helicopter

    -turning your sound up to hear nearby footsteps


    hope this helps, good luck!