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Lag help please!

I'm planning on getting Black Ops 2, but I have a question that I need answered.


What internet is best for BO2? The reason that I ask, is that I have a 12ms ping to host with my 50/10 fiber internet (which I hit every time I do a speed and ping test regardless of which site I use) and I lag behind what seems like a half a second on MW3. I am ALWAYS host. When used my 3G phone as a modem, I didn't lag behind at all, but it wasn't consistent enough to use regularly.


I recently purchased DSL from AT&T and it doesn't seem to be AS bad with it (still 4 bar but only lag .2-.4 seconds) with a 30-35ms ping to host. Yes, I am paying for 2 internet services, but would like to get rid of one.


I have tried everything. I had fiber ran to my house, RG11 cable to my XBOX, CAT6 cable directly from my modem (bypassing my router), and replacing my XBOX. I have spent a TON of money trying to make MW3 work for me, and while my internet is blazing fast and other multiplayer games work flawlessly, I cannot get MW3 and to some extent, Black Ops to work well.


I would appreciate some guidance on what to do to solve my problem.


I am hoping that Treyarch takes into consideration that hardcore gamers pay for high quality internet.


Obviously my NAT is OPEN, all ports forwarded, DMZ, etc...and have also tried hooking my CAT6 directly up to my modems (no built-in routing capabilities) and also have tried different modems.


$1300 and counting. (Burying fiber is expensive)


Any help would be appreciated.



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    Did I post this in the wrong section?

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      Hi KUBBALL judging by the amount of views you've got since posting earlier I don't think this is the wrong place to ask that question. I have much the same problem as you and seem to be made host anytime I join a game that isn't allready running.


      Let me give you the right answer. It isn't your internet that's at fault.


      If I was you I'd stick with the best internet and find a new game that isn't COD. Unfortunately if you have good internet then you're being screwed by MW3 & Black Ops as they seem to think it's okay to make it twice as hard for the host to do anything. I used to play alot of Zombies in black ops and was always host then when MW3 came out I jumped on the bandwagon and low and behold I'm always host again. Dev's need to stop penalising hosts it's cyber bullying and we've had enough of it.


      On another note MW2 runs exceptionally well these days and still has it's fair share of gamers plus it just shows us how flawed the COD system has become since.

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        I appreciate the replies!  I wish that I could just switch to another FPS, but I have yet to find another that I like. Multiple calls, emails and tweets to Activision, but no help. All of the people that I play with online play CODs. Out of all the people I play with, 5 of us have fiber to the home and we lag like crazy. At times when I switch over to my DSL line, its fine. Most of the time its not. My high speed fiber cable line is almost unplayable.


        Also, I forgot to mention that I have switched DNS server multiple times as well. Never seen any results.

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    It's probably not your internet although sometimes it is.  I know mine has been throttling me lately (despite paying for high speed) which causes in game framerate skip issues and often gets me killed.  Being host in MW3 is pretty much a death sentence to everyone.  Being host in BO usually was an advantage but sometimes it could bog down on you even still.  I would expect BO2 to be better since they are using some sort of test to compare ping and line quality for matchmaking.  At least that's what I've heard from the BO2 forum.

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    Anyone have any luck with Satellite internet or Canopy internet?