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in need of xbox360 clan


i am looking for a xbox360 elite clan to join. Im a premium member with a kd of 1.15..i play clan ops atleast 2 of 3 sometimes all 3..



prefer a clan level 25+ will take lower

must be a good team with team work




msg me on xbox live LETHAL WEAPON13

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    Wretched Mafia is a level 32 clan with 58 members and we are looking to expand our gaming community.  We need premium and non-premium members to help out with clan ops and challenges.



    You must have a working microphone or headset.

    You must have a good attitude and get along with others.

    There is NO K/D requirement.

    You must be 16+ years of age.


    All we ask is that you plan on playing in the ops and challenges. We will move over to Black Ops II when it is released. We are a growing clan with many peer groups for you to game with. We strive to make everyone feel like part if the team.


    We are looking for both male and female gamers so everyone can apply.


    If the above information interest you and you would like to find out more information send Razor2nd a message or invite to a private chat on Xbox.


    If you would like to join fill out an application by searching for Wretched Mafia on elite or leave your gamer tag in this thread for an invite. Site location: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2144442

    Visit our clan website: http://wretchedmafia.enjin.com/



    We look forward to you joining our growing gamer family.

    Talk with you soon, Razor.