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Dev's we deserve answers


Dear Dev's


I've always liked COD but why has it turned into the frankenstein that it is today? MW3 is a very very very cool game congrats on that but it's unplayable online to alot of people and has been since it's release. Why must you continue to make those that have good internet suffer the most? You're hosting system is like something a room full of monkeys made. Here's a example.


I join a game that's allready running, I get up to 13 kills and 8 deaths using custom class 1 then notice someone in my team has left and wait while a new host is picked. After the new host is picked I'm still using custom class 1 but all of a sudden frankenstein has shown up and I go on a 8 deathstreak at which point my friend says to me the 3 words that send shivers down my spine everytime I pop this game on "maybe you're host". So I leave knowing I'm host.


Here's the question I really want you to answer and the question I think most of your gamers who are stuck in this circle of being host all the time deserve a answer to.


When I'm not host I fire 1 bullet into a guys head and he dies, when I am host I fire 2 bullets from the same gun into a guys head and he dies. Why does it take twice as many bullets to kill someone when I'm host and why do flash grenades, stun grenades, frags and semtex (unless stuck to target or direct impact) do absolutely nothing to the enemy when I'm host?


If you're a gamer like me that's suffering this hosting issue ever since this game came out just post "Answer Us" in a message below.


This is a global issue affecting PS3 & XBOX360 it's also a issue that appears to have turned a aweful lot of COD fans off playing MW3 or even buying into COD games in the future.