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New maps disabled. Help please

I have all the new maps on my ps3 for MW3, i am a founder in elite,  but when i select to play online it says dlc disabled as i do not have all the maps. i have downloaded them twice to be sure. So if i am in a match and new ones come up for next map i get kicked. If i set up a private match they are all there. Any help appreciated.

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    Hello Joeking75


      This generally means 1 or more of the DLC is missing/damaged. Since the PS3 does not have a way to check you will have ot delete all of the DLC and reinstall them again. The 3 free DLC maps, and spec ops missions must also be installed even if you do not play them.


    Delete the game data.

    Go into the XMB menu. This is the menu that you see when you turn on your PS3. Select Game / Game Data Utility. Select the game and press the triangle button. Select Delete and then press the X button to confirm. Once this is done, reinsert the game disc in the drive. You will need to install the game data to the PS3 again. This should not affect your saved game as it is stored in a different folder.


    Also make sure when downloading the maps DO NOT choose the option to download in the background.