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mw3 banned and reset states

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    Your thread has been locked due to a violation of the forum Code of Conduct. Please refrain from posting your thread again as it may lead to action taken against your forum account.




    9. ONLINE/GAME BAN APPEALING: Posts created to discuss the merit of an online/multiplayer Call of Duty game ban, Call of Duty ELITE service ban, or the alleged innocence of a banned player.


    Below are links to various articles you may be interested to read. I suggest re-reading the Community Forum Code of Conduct for starters.


    Community Forum - Code of Conduct

    Activision Terms of Use (Web Sites)

    Modern Warfare 3 online Code of Conduct


    Additionally, we forum moderators are neither privy to the information to discuss an online game ban nor a viable form of customer support. You may contact Customer Support to discuss your situation further if needed. The link is provided below.




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