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Looking for snipers.

Hello all,

I've come to these forums in search of snipers to get a clan started. Myself i am not the best sniper, I play competitively and will be attending LAN's with a team. And i will be the leader and also a member of the competitive team. But alongside this team the clan wants a sniper team to challenge the top 10 clans EU. Alongside this I will be on the lookout for a team of trickshotters to be posting up on YouTube regularly, I have an editor myself but will be looking to gain some editors. So if anyone out there looking for content to do then hit me up. I am also looking for solo snipers who can get good gameplays and upload to YouTube.


  • 15+ (will make an exception to editors and maybe players depending on skill level and maturity.)
  • Able to make an account when I decide a permanent clan name.
  • Mature.
  • Please, No squeakers
  • Be able to snipe at a good standard.
  • Solo snipers able to get good gameplays.
  • Able to get good kill feeds.

Contact me on skype at: Sam.boult96
or opsn below.n my psn at: iMegarex

Or simply leave your PSN below.


p.s, please dont give this a miss, this is a serious thread and I am aiming high and big in the future. Thanks for reading.


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