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Wiggy's final thoughts on MW3

The game has been traded for credit, so while you may not think Wiggy's opinion is valid, believe Wiggy when he says that he went to 20/80 so Wiggy went as far as he could, so his opinion is very valid.


The game was never as entertaining as Black Ops. Now that's not comparing the two, just stating an opinion. It was entertaining at times, but not to the level of it's predicessor. That is something that Wiggy can say quite easily, as most people will agree with Wiggy, but he has facts to back up his claim.



1. Frustration: never been as frustrated with a COD game as this one. MW2 included

2. Levels: Felt it was wrong to let people reset their prestige levels after they reset their stats

3. Support streaks: A complete failure on many levels. If you are going to cater to bad kids, don't hide that you are catering to bad kids

4. Gun Balancing: you don't wait 6 months before you make the M16 an option, it's too late by then, most people punched out by then

5. MOABS: These ruined your game, Youtube fuels your community, people played for them and that is the single biggest fault in supporting a killl streak that supports camping or not playing the objective.



Now you can agree or disagree, but Wiggy feels that you can't just tag him as "moron" on this one.


Please feel free to discuss, but this is one of the few post Wiggy has made on these forums and hopes that it's not the last.


Let Wiggy live on and discuss these points!





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    48 minutes and not one reply?


    It seems that Wiggy has made his point.


    The defense rests your honor.

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    I love Black Ops a hell lot more. No support. I literally get killstreaks easily. No stealth bomber, no recon drone, no EMP

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    My2 cents on mw3, it had great potential and at times when lag/sync wasnt an issue,  was fun but where they went wrong
    1. ACR and MP7 nuff said

    2. map size and map clutter, , on almost all the maps, you can basically kill someone across the map with an mp7, (or a few other SMGs for that matter) NOT good IMO, and there is always something you are getting stuck on,  a flowerr pot, bench, or a rock or rubble or.....you name it, plus you cant get on top of almost anything in this game.
    3. The Stealth Bomber, I mean really, its getting ridiculous now to the point where there are 5 or 6 of these a game, nothing that kills should be in the 'support' killstreak IMO
    4. Agree on the m16 buff you mentioned just a tad late lol
    5. And yes, too many people only worry about 'getting a moab'
    6. Waaay too much AIR IMHO, theres almost always a Pred, reaper, chopper, ac130, pavelow, ah6, or an osprey up at any given time....

    anyway just my 2 cents right off top of my head

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    javelin, red smoke, and carepackage glitches, were more frustrating to me.

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    Congrats on reaching Prestige 20 Wiggy!


    I could only handle 3 prestiges myself as I didn't want to lose my max-leveled shotguns and the game itself just frustrated me.


    But yes, I agree on all points.


    I'll also add connectivity & deathstreaks as this was my main annoyances of MW3.

    Black Ops had connectivity issues of it's own however it doesn't compare to what I experienced when MW3 first launched.

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    This is make or break of CoD. If you can't possibly figure out how to redo what was done in CoD4, W@W, MW2. Never fire your bread and butter. Your game will be toast. Pun intended.


    That is all Gen.



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    I agree about the moabs, I thought the nuke it MW2 was a mistake so no doubt the moab was a mistake.


    The reseting prestiges and playing again was a marketing gimmick, not really of any value to me since I hardly ever go for max prestige and level, no real reason to do so. So that code space could have been better used for something else.


    Weapon balance was not a real issue. There has always been guns that were stronger or weaker than other guns. The fun was learning how to do good with the so called UP guns and out play those using the so called OP guns.


    The support streaks I liked, finally you could support your team with out having to worry about k/dr in a match. you did not have to be a beast or slayer. The average player could get a support streak and help out. So it was a benefit for those that did not want to have to worry about getting high kill streaks.

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    Kaizer completely agrees with wiggy, although im 15 prestige and have over 500 hours of gameplay im sick of this game, only reason I played it so much was because it was my first COD, I recently got Black Ops (5 days ago) just to be ready for Black Ops 2 and I haven't touched MW3 since.. why did I not just get Black Ops first instead of just thinking MW3 is the new COD so I should just get that one.. anyways that was a year ago.


    Ready for Black Ops 2 even though im new to Treayarch. Don't get me wrong, im a beast player on MW3 but I dont have fun playing it, it was just a way to pass time until I got Black Ops and actually enjoyed it.. I mean no ******* no skill multi kills, not as many campers/snipers as MW3, way harder to spawn trap, and prestiging and ranking up perks actually is challenging.


    So I wish I would've got black ops a year back and not MW3, o well im ******* ready for Black Ops 2.

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    1: Lag.
    The accuracy of the ACR and MP7 funnels the lag into extreme frustration:
    Someone using Hardline Pro and Stalker can SPRINT around a corner, spot you and kill you on 70 meters distance with an MP7 before you have shot your first shot, when the connection is off.

    I have an absurdly good ping to most countries in the world.

    Yet I suffer when:

    -Not hosting
    There is no apparent pattern what so ever.
    Sometimes, I completely **** 2.0 KD TEAMS, alone, against all reason.
    Sometimes, I completely get RAPED by individual 0.8 KD 0.5 WL players WHILE playing with some of the best players in the WORLD (top 1 percentile), PRIMARILY doing the objective and still lose because we *cannot* -- not in *any* way -- get a freaking hit-detection going, and CANNOT get the bullets I fired clientside to actually fire off  in the game world.

    I would post a video, but I don't have a PVR -- and the theater shows the host-biased version of the story: I just stand there aiming down the sights and never fire a single shot -- or I fire far behind the enemy like a noob.

    Before this last week I had 27% accuracy with the Mk14.

    I shoot down airplanes and UAVs with that thing -- and each time I do, my accuracy drops.

    Yet it is 27%.
    When I fire 19 rounds (I never fire 20 unless I'm forced to go all out), because of the slow reload) into the BACK of an enemy running diaganolly across my screen and don't kill him...

    It's not my aim.

    In CoD4, I had over 10 000 kills with the G3 and M14.

    10 000 one-burst-kills with M16.

    In WaW I have over 1 000 kills with the M1 carbine, despite prestiges and quitting for MW2.

    In Modern Warfare 2 I have over 1000 kills each with the M14 EBR (ACOG) and Walther 2000 (ACOG).

    9000 kills with M14 in Black Ops.


    15 000 kills with Mk14 in MW3.


    Just this week, playing at night instead of the evening, my "accuracy" has dropped from 27% to merely 24.
    With 1 000 kills the past two weeks, I probably don't have to tell you how absurd that is.

    With 27% accuracy at 14 000 kills -- that is 120 000 rounds fired and 32 000 hits for an average of 2.3 hits needed for the kill.

    For 1000 kills to skew the accuracy from 27% to 24%, I need to:
    Add the hits to the total and count the "normal" shots fired for 27%...

    2300 hits which added the old total hits: 34300 hits which at the normal 27% accuracy ratio becomes 127 000 shots fired for old and new shots fired to reach my average hit ratio of 27%.


    The same amount of hits at 24% accuracy yields 143 000 shots fired:

    Which means that my last 1000 kills needed: 143 000 shots fired - 127 000 shots fired = 16 000 shots fired to kill 1 000 opponents.

    The past 1000 kills, I have NEEDED to fire 16 rounds to kill ONE opponent, for an average accuracy, assuming we need 2.3 hits on average per kill, of 14%.


    My accuracy the past 1000 kills has been practically HALF that of my regular accuracy with the Mk14.

    Yet my aim is the same, if not better, than it has been before.


    I have also rage-quit without hosting, for the first times, 10 times the past two weeks:
    Quitting because the games is unplayable: Because I cannot hit the enemies with my Mk14.


    Normally, I get one kill per 8.5 shots fired.
    Now I get one kill per 16 shots fired.


    Even worse, my KD has suffered immensely as well, going down nearly 0.15 the past week and a half.

    Once again, with around 30 000 kills, that is just absurd for my KD to go down 0.15 in 1000 kills.
    My WL is hardly affected as a solo player, which makes it even more frustrating: The idiots I die against and can't hit are in fact idiots who can't play the game.




    A funny note:
    Last night, while playing against a good clan -- something absurd happened to my final killcam in Team Deathmatch:
    MY movements weres sped up while my victim's were not.
    My Mk14 sounded like a P90 Rapid-Fire on steroids, and both me and my buddy could not help but laugh out loud at the sight and sound of that killcam, that made me appear as using the Mk14 with three attachments: Rapid-fire, rapid-fire and rapid-fire.


    I'm actually going to check if the game is in my theater and make a video of that event if it's recorded the way it was shown onscreen.